Celebrities Who Love the Rolex GMT Master

Rolex GMT Master Pepsi

The Rolex GMT-Master is an icon in the world of watches. Launched in 1955, it was created to help commercial airline pilots keep track of two timezones. Today, it’s a favorite among collectors and serious travelers.

The mainstream appeal of the GMT-Master has spawned many nicknames and landed it on the wrists of actors, athletes, revolutionaries, and just about anyone who travels often.

We went watch spotting and found out who the GMT-Master’s celebrity fans are:


Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi Bezel Jubilee Steel Mens Watch 126710 BLRO


Rolex Pepsi as seen on Sylvester Stallone

The inaugural Rolex GMT-Master was the Pepsi, which many already know was named such because of its blue and red bezel. Not only is the bezel attractive, it comes in handy too in telling daytime (red) and nighttime (blue) – making it a favorite not just among Pan Am pilots but also NASA astronauts and the US Air Force.

Other famous fans: Orlando Bloom, Daniel Craig, Tom Selleck, Apollo 13 NASA Astronaut Jack Swigert




Rolex GMT Master II Rootbeer Yellow Gold Steel Watch 16713


Rolex Rootbeer as seen on Clint Eastwood

The Rolex Rootbeer probably has the most number of nicknames among GMT-Master watches. There’s the “Nipple Dial”, for the gold nipple hour markered models, “Clint Eastwood” for the ref 16753 which happens to be the legendary actor’s favorite, and the less common “Tiger Eye” for its resemblance to the precious gold and brown stone.

Other famous fans: Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper





The 2018 Rolex GMT Master II releases have made their first celebrity appearances. Here they are on the wrists of Ellen DeGeneres (Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi ref 126710 BLRO), and Mark Wahlberg (Rolex GMT Master II Everose Rolesor).




Rolex GMT Master II Batman Blue Black Ceramic Bezel Steel Watch 116710


Rolex Batman as seen on Roger Federer

Famously named after the Dark Knight, the blue and black bezel combination of the Batman makes it a versatile dress and casual watch. The classic combination was highly anticipated, along with its Cerachrom GMT bezel and calibre 3186 movement. It has taken the watch world by storm since it was introduced in 2013.

Other famous fans: John Mayer, Tom Holland, Croatian footballer Luca Modric






Rolex GMT Master II 18K Yellow Gold Green Dial Mens Watch 116718


Rolex Anniversary Green Dial as seen on Kevin Hart

Now this one doesn’t have a nickname like the more famous GMT-Master watches; but its distinct forest green dial and yellow gold construction has gained a number of fans in entertainment. Not only is it beautiful, it’s momentous too – this luxurious edition was launched to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the GMT-Master.

Other famous fans: Ellen De Generes, Mark Wahlberg




Rolex GMT Master II Black Red Coke Bezel Steel Mens Watch 16710


Rolex Coke as seen on Drew Barrymore

Completing the round-up of soda-nicknamed GMT-Master watches is the Rolex Coke, named such because it matches the colors of a Coca-Cola bottle. The red and black combination gives it a stronger presence than the all-black bezel, but it is versatile nonetheless.

Other famous fans: Lance Armstrong, Marlon Brando, Fidel Castro, Che Guevera


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