Omega Speedmaster in Movies

Omega Speedmaster Apollo Soyuz Meteorite Dial MoonWatch 311.

Omega Speedmaster in Film

The Omega Speedmaster is a classic watch, with an iconic heritage and a strong following. It has appeared in many movies – most notably in depictions of NASA missions – but has also been the go-to watch when a character needs a top-shelf timepiece.

Let’s check out some of the most memorable Omega Speedmaster sightings in film:


Omega Speedmaster Vintage 321 Straight Lugs DON Ghost Watch 105.003-65


Omega Speedmaster ref 105.012 in First Man

First Man tells the story of how man first made it to the surface of the moon. Ryan Gosling plays astronaut Neil Armstrong of the history-making Apollo 11 crew.

To be as authentic as possible, Gosling and the rest of the astronauts in the film, were outfitted with this same Omega Speedmaster reference worn by the crew during the 1969 lunar mission. Some pieces were borrowed from the Omega archives, while 10 period-correct Speedmasters were created as back-up.



<>Omega Speedmaster MoonWatch Chronograph Black Dial Mens Watch 3570.50.00

Omega Speedmaster Professional in Apollo 13

Apollo 13 chronicles the third moon landing mission and the events that led to its near disaster and safe return to the earth. An explosion on the vessel required it to change course, circle the moon without landing, and enter the Earth’s atmosphere at the right angle.

The Omega Speedmaster proved pivotal in precisely timing the burns that brought Apollo 13 back to the Earth. It’s shown here on Tom Hanks, who played commander Jim Lovell.




One of the first movie appearances of the Speedy is in 1966’s ‘The Deadly Affaire’. You can clearly see a straight-lug Speedy on actor Maximilian Schell’s wrist.



Omega Speedmaster Mens Professional Moon Watch 3870.50.31


Omega Speedmaster MoonWatch in The American

The Speedy has also made it to mainstream movies even without the NASA connection. In the 2010 thriller The American, George Clooney gives this Omega Speedmaster with a leather strap, some serious exposure.

Clooney plays Jack, a gunsmith and contract killer, and he wears the Speedy in many of his high-octane scenes.



Omega Speedmaster 50th Anniversary MoonWatch 311.


Omega Speedmaster 50th Anniversary in State of Play

In 2009’s State of Play, we saw Russell Crowe wearing an Omega Speedmaster 50th anniversary watch. The timepiece commemorates a half-century of the Speedmaster since its launch in 1957; and comes with the Seahorse emblem on the dial.



It’s not just the MoonWatch that has made movie appearances. The Omega Speedmaster Mark II, a 70’s styled variation of the Speedy, made it to the 1973 film ‘The Last of Sheila’.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Steel Mens Watch 3592.50.00 Review


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