5 Rolex Day-Date Dials to Collect

From its debut in 1956, the Rolex President Day-Date remains a status symbol until today. Recognizable for its window that spells the day of the week in full and for its supple three-link bracelet, a Day-Date on your wrist simply says “I’ve made it.”

In its earlier years, the Day-Date was seen exclusively on the wrists of presidents and world leaders, but these days, you’ll find it on hip-hop moguls and star athletes. Now on its seventh decade, the Day-Date has been made in countless versions to suit the tastes of its diverse fan base.

We’re sure you’re familiar with the traditional and iconic all-gold Day-Date, so we’re presenting you with more unorthodox yet equally stunning options. Here are 5 standout Rolex Day-Date dials worth adding to your collection.




Rolex President Day-Date Maroon and Blue Stella Dials (photos: Christies)

In the 1960s, Rolex began to experiment with more ostentatious versions of their watches, in order to attract the Middle Eastern and Asian market. This gave way for the use of precious stones on Rolex dials – such as Onyx, Bloodstone, Opal, and Jasper.

Rolex really pushed the envelope with their enamel dials, labeled Lacquered Stella in Rolex literature. Made from several layers of enamel, these dials came in a riot of colors that one would not expect from Rolex – from the more common oxblood, green and pastel pink, to the rarer bright blue and purple.

Stella models did not succeed commercially during their time; and sat ignored in display cases. Rolex reportedly destroyed many of these watches because they were unsellable, and this makes them so rare today.





Rolex President Day-Date Yellow Gold and White Gold Myriad Diamond Dials

Rolex often uses diamonds on the bezel and hour markers, but the Myriad Diamond dial takes it a notch higher. These watches feature a gold outer ring with small round diamonds, topped with matching gold Arabic or Roman numeral hour markers. These are often set against a matching gold dial and in rarer models, bronze center dials.


Rolex President Day-Date Yellow Gold and White Gold Myriad Diamond Dials

The Myriad Diamond dial style is used exclusively in watches with the President bracelet, specifically Day-Date and President Datejust Ladies models. Uber luxurious versions of these models come with matching round diamonds on the bezel, down to the lugs.



Rolex President Day Date Yellow Gold Green Enamel Diamond Mens Watches





Rolex President Day-Date Platinum Glacier Blue Roman Mens Watch 118206

Ice blue dials are signatures of Rolex watches made in 950 platinum and hence seen only on the Daytona, Cellini, and Day-Date. As exclusive as it is, the ice blue dial is very discreet and lends an almost monochromatic look to the timepiece.

On the Rolex Day-Date, the ice blue dial comes with silver tone Roman or diamond hour markers. Special editions of this dial include Day-Date 40 models with a checkered diagonal motif dial and another with hour markers written in Arabic.





Rolex President Day-Date Rose Gold Green Anniversary Dial (photo: Rolex)

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Day-Date in 2016, Rolex introduced the olive green dial Day-Date 40. In contrast to the emerald green of the Rolex Kermit and the bright, forest green of the Hulk, the Anniversary Day-Date used a dark and mysterious hue of green.

This version was released with both Everose and white gold versions, but the Everose model in particular was very well received, with its warm hue complementing the sunray finish of the dial. The modern day 40mm case, gilt text and sleek roman numerals all fit together in a thoroughly modern execution of the Day-Date.




Rolex President Day-Date Yellow Gold String Diamond Sapphire and Ruby Dial Watches

The coveted String Diamond dials get their name from the connected string of diamonds around the index markers of the dial. There’s an outer circle of 78 round white diamonds, followed by an inner circle of gem-set hour markers, that come in several variants of sapphire, ruby, emerald and diamond. Due to the smaller size of the diamonds, this style is favored by Day-Date fans who want subtle sparkle on their timepiece.






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