How to Spot a Fake Breitling Watch

Breitling Navitimer Bronze Dial

Breitling began as a manufacturer of aircraft cockpit instruments, and is now world renowned as a maker of timepieces for land, sea, and air. They have always been known to provide the aviation industry and military with reliable equipment; and today their timepieces have gained mainstream appeal.

Throughout its history of creating instruments for professionals, Breitling has introduced horological innovations – from the slide rule calculator bezel to the emergency distress signal transmitter – all aimed at delivering accurate, precise and aesthetically appealing watches.

With such excellent craftsmanship, Breitling watches are very difficult to replicate – but it doesn’t mean that counterfeiters won’t try. In the market for a Breitling watch? Here are some basics to look for, to ensure that you’re getting a genuine Breitling timepiece.


Breitling Superocean Heritage Blue Dial



If you’re able to fit the watch before purchase, inspect how it feels on your wrist. Breitling watches, particularly those made of steel and precious metals, weigh substantially and have heft on the wrists. A replica will feel much lighter, as cheaper materials like plastic might have been used.

Watch out for anything that seems odd, like a part of the watch that’s not seamlessly part of the design. Do check for deft touches that are hard to replicate: modern Breitling watches have anti-glare coating on the crystal, so a bright glare might mean it’s fake. Moreover, genuine Breitling watches have a bluish or purplish glow on their crystal.


Breitling Logos



There are several different kinds of Breitling logos used in their designs.


The first type is the B anchor flanked by wings (seen above), and with the Breitling name right below. This is their most recognized logo design, and it can be seen either on the top portion of the dial or near the date window. It is also engraved on the caseback of most models.

It has a few elements that counterfeiters often fail to replicate. First is that there is a slight gap between the anchor and the wings – in many fakes, the anchor and the wings touch. Second is that there is also a gap between the inner wing and the wing’s outer edges. Fakes also tend have lines that hit the outer edges. These are very minute details that are difficult to copy accurately.


Breitling Superocean Heritage Blue Dial



The lone “B” in cursive letter, with the Breitling name right below (seen above), can be found in Heritage collection watches. The letter “B” is a metal applied on the dial, so it should be raised and not laid flat or painted on. The Breiting logo right below, meanwhile, should be etched into the dial.


Breitling Superocean Heritage Steel Rose Gold



Breitling’s day and date windows are fully occupied by the letters and numbers. These characters are large and clearly drawn in black for maximum legibility.

Breitling watches – except for annual and perpetual calendar models – only have the chronograph subdials – 60 seconds, 30 minutes and 12 hour counters on smaller dials. If you see the day of the week or day of the month on these circles, you can be sure it’s fake.


Breitling Crown and Pushers



If you already have a desired model, check that the watch you are inspecting has the same number of crowns and pushers, and that they are positioned correctly versus the hour markers. Breitling’s crowns and pushers are made to absolute precision, so if the fitting isn’t precise, or it’s oddly-shaped, then it’s most likely a fake.

Most Breitling watches also have the B cursive logo etched on the crown, in a very clear, precise and centered manner.



Lastly, your best defense against buying a fake timepiece is to buy from a reputable dealer. A retailer with a long-standing reputation, solid presence online, and positive verified reviews, will ease your concerns about authenticity and buying a genuine timepiece.





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