Ellen DeGeneres Rolex Collection

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Ellen DeGeneres is the undisputed watch queen of the entertainment industry. The host and comedian has one of the most expansive watch collections in Hollywood – ranging from ultra rare vintage pieces to highly coveted sport watches.

Ellen is one of the few female celebrities with a serious interest in watches, and she is said to switch up her watches often, trading in her current pieces for the next one that catches her fancy.

We’re putting the spotlight on her Rolex watch collection. Check out the Rolexes on Ellen’s million-dollar wrist:


Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi Bezel Oyster Steel Mens Watch 126710


Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi

Ellen has a wide collection of Rolex GMT-Master II watches, ranging from stainless steel to solid gold.

She was one of the first to sport the latest stainless steel version of the Rolex Pepsi, whose comeback also marked the return of the Jubilee bracelet to the GMT Master collection. She also wears the previous version Rolex Pepsi, which came in solid 18k white gold. Video from Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube




Rolex GMT Master II Black Dial Steel Mens Watch 116710


Rolex GMT-Master II Green Hand

She also wears one of the most versatile designs of the Rolex GMT-Master II. The ref 116710 comes with a stainless steel body and a black ceramic bezel and dial. The last of the GMT-Masters to feature a single color bezel insert, this model was discontinued in 2018, but continues to be sought-after in the pre-owned market. Photo from Ellen Degeneres on Instagram




Rolex GMT Master II Yellow Gold Green Dial Mens Watch 116718


Rolex GMT-Master II 50th Anniversary

Ellen’s most striking GMT-Master II watch is the 50th anniversary model. This commemorative design comes in solid 18k yellow gold, with a forest green dial. Aside from having a dial in Rolex’s signature color, it was also the first Rolex reference to come with a Cerachrom ceramic bezel. Video from The Ellen Show on YouTube




Rolex Submariner Smurf White Gold Blue Dial Bezel Watch 116619


Rolex Submariner Smurf

There are countless blue watches in the market, but Rolex still wears the color best. Ellen wears them in both bright and muted shades.

Launched on the 100th anniversary of Rolex, the Submariner “Smurf” was given a luxe treatment. It was the first Rolex Submariner to come in solid 18k white gold. What makes it even more striking is the all-blue Cerachrom bezel and lacquered blue dial, which earned it its fun nickname. Video from Qantas on YouTube




Rolex President Day-Date 40 Blue Dial Platinum Mens Watch 228206


Rolex Day-Date 40 Platinum

Rolex reserves their cool glacier blue dial for watches made in the noblest of metals – platinum. Ellen wears a platinum Rolex Day-Date 40, which is the iconic President watch in modern form.

The platinum body adds heft and an impressive look to the wrist, while the diagonal blue motif dial adds a playful touch.



Rolex Explorer II Steve Mcqueen Vintage Steel Mens Watch 1655

Vintage Rolex Explorer II

Now we go to Ellen’s impressive vintage Rolex watches. She has in her watch box some of the most sought after vintage references.

First up is the Rolex Explorer II ref 1655. Introduced in 1971, this is the very first iteration of the Explorer II, which established many of its key features. These include the 24-hour bezel and the extra 24-hour hand, which work together to tell daytime from nighttime hours. Video from The Ellen Show on YouTube




Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ref. 6241


Vintage Rolex Daytona Paul Newman

Ellen also has what any vintage watch collector dreams of: the Rolex “Paul Newman” Daytona. These models were named after the bankable movie star who absolutely loved his “exotic dial” Daytona. Paul Newman Daytonas have 3-colored dials, an art deco-style font and harsh marks with small squares on the subdials. Photos from Christie’s and Video from The Ellen Show on YouTube




Rolex Cosmograph Daytona John Player Special Yellow Gold Ref. 6241


Vintage Rolex Daytona John Player Special

A recent addition to Ellen’s vintage heavy hitters is the ref 6241 “John Player Special” in 18k yellow gold. It was named after the racing team from the 1970s, which had the same gold and black scheme for their cars. There are only about 10 examples of this version known to exist, and this is the only “Paul Newman” Daytona to be called by another name. Photos from Phillips and Amsterdam Vintage Watches on Instagram




Rolex Daytona Ceramic Bezel White Dial Steel Mens Watch 116500


Rolex Daytona Ceramic

Ellen also has the most desired modern luxury sports watch — the Rolex Daytona Ceramic. Launched in 2016, the ref 116500 was the highly anticipated union of the stainless steel Daytona with the Cerachrom bezel. With its undeniably contemporary aesthetic, it has legions of fans and is famous for having a years-long waitlist. Video from The Ellen Show on YouTube




Rolex Yachtmaster 40mm Rose Gold Oysterflex Bracelet Mens Watch 116655


Rolex Yachtmaster Everose

As someone who loves sport watches, Ellen sure had to have one with a Rolex Oysterflex bracelet. This sportier alternative to metal bracelets boasts the durability of a metal bracelet, with the comfort of a rubber strap.

The Oysterflex made its debut on the stylish Rolex Yacht-Master Everose, which featured a complementing matte black Cerachrom ceramic bezel. Video from the Ellen Show on YouTube



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