Omega Speedmaster Snoopy Line

Omega Speedmaster 'Snoopy' Watches: 2003 and 2020 Editions

The Omega Speedmaster and space exploration are intrinsically linked. After having been used by astronauts for their personal use, it was certified by NASA as the official watch for manned space missions — eventually making history, and becoming the first watch on the moon.

Since then, the Speedy has faithfully served astronauts on space programs, and even played a life-saving role during the Apollo 13 mission. Loved on Earth and beyond, the Speedy is widely recognized for its contributions to space exploration. The most unique honor bestowed to it has to be the Silver Snoopy Award, given by NASA in 1970.

What does the famous cartoon beagle have to do with NASA, and how did it end up on the Speedmaster? Let’s track the history of Omega Speedmaster Snoopy watches.


Omega Speedmaster 'Snoopy' Watches: 2003 and 2020 Editions
Omega Speedmaster ‘Snoopy’ Watches: 2003 and 2020 Editions


What is the Silver Snoopy Award?

The Silver Snoopy Award is a special recognition given by NASA astronauts to the agency’s staff and partners, to honor their achievements in mission success or ensuring flight safety. Less than 1% of the space program workforce receive it annually, making it a special honor.

Why did NASA choose Snoopy as the mascot, you ask? In the 1960s, Charles M. Schultz’s Peanuts characters, Snoopy in particular, were highly popular. NASA sought a widely recognized and well-loved symbol for the award, so that employees and contractors can feel their impact on the space missions’ success.


Omega Speedmaster Professional 'Snoopy' Moonwatch 3578.51.00
Omega Speedmaster Professional ‘Snoopy’ Moonwatch 3578.51.00


Omega was given the Silver Snoopy Award on October 5th 1970, in recognition of the Speedmaster’s vital support during the rescue of Apollo 13.

The Apollo 13 encountered an oxygen tank explosion a few days into the flight, which led to severe spacecraft damage. The crew relied on the Speedy to calculate elapsed times of the engine burn, allowing their safe return to the Earth.



Omega Speedmaster Silver ‘Snoopy’ Watches

Two limited-edition Speedmaster watches were created to recall this moment in history — one introduced in 2003, followed by another version in 2015.

The pioneer Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy watch commemorates the Apollo 13. It was made available in 5,441 pieces, which represents the length of the mission (142 hours, 54 minutes, and 41 seconds).

The dial is in a jet-black hue, protected with Hesalite crystal — which is a classic Speedmaster trait — but what gives this model away is the small seconds sub-dial featuring NASA’s signature “Eyes on the Stars” Snoopy badge.


Omega Speedmaster Professional 'Snoopy' Moonwatch 3578.51.00
Omega Speedmaster Professional ‘Snoopy’ Moonwatch 3578.51.00


In 2015, Omega launched the second edition at Baselworld, produced in 1,970 pieces. What sets this model apart is the black and white colorway, which mirrors the monochrome coloring of the original Peanuts cartoons.

What we see here is an inverted Speedmaster color scheme, with a white dial that makes the blackened baton hands and fallen-over Snoopy illustration pop. Flipping the watch over, you will find a silver Snoopy medallion that looks similar to the rare Silver Snoopy Award pin.


Omega Speedmaster Professional 'Snoopy' 311.
Omega Speedmaster Professional ‘Snoopy’ 311.



Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy 50th Anniversary

This brings us to the new Snoopy Speedmaster introduced in 2020. It celebrates the Golden Anniversary of Omega’s Silver Snoopy Award with a cool blue and silver colorway and a little surprise on the caseback. Unlike the previous versions, this watch is in standard production — but that doesn’t make it that much easier to get.


Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award Moonwatch 310.
Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award Moonwatch 310.


In front, it features a silver dial and a complementing blue ceramic tachymeter scale and subdials. Again, there’s a reason for this color scheme, with blue and white representing the color of the patches worn by the Apollo 13 astronauts.

As with the previous editions, the Snoopy illustration appears on the 9 o’clock subdial, but this one shows Snoopy wearing his spacesuit with pride and a 50th-anniversary emblem on top.


Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award Front and Case Back
Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award Front and Case Back


The real star of the show is on the caseback. A photo-realistic image of the lunar landscape is shown with the Earth in the background, and when the chronograph is actively running, we see Snoopy in flight aboard the Command Service Module. Count on Omega to add a fun and incredibly charming detail to celebrate an important milestone.

Inside, it runs on Caliber 3861, which provides a 50-hour power reserve and is resistant to magnetic fields of up to 15,000 gauss.



Omega Speedmaster ‘Snoopy’ watches tick all the boxes on aesthetic, emotional, historical, and technical fronts. All fitting tributes to the brand’s enormous contributions to man’s journey in space. Explore our selection of Omega Speedmaster ‘Snoopy’ watches at


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