Rolex Rhodium Dial Watches

In recent years, Rolex has increasingly used the term “rhodium” in its literature. Originating from the platinum family of metals, this refers to a chemical element with anti-corrosive properties and exceptional rigidity. With its stunning silvery white appearance and strong attributes, rhodium is often used by watchmakers to improve the quality of their movements, and to enhance their designs.

The use of “rhodium” in Rolex watch names does not necessarily mean that the watches actually contain the precious metal. In the Rolex realm, rhodium pertains to a specific dark or slate grey color in the sunray dials, achieved by using ingenious brushing and plating techniques.

Here’s a brief guide to Rolex’s rhodium dial models:


Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 Rhodium Dial 114300 / Rolex Yacht-Master Rhodium Dial 116622


Rolex Datejust 41 Rhodium Dials

We begin this list with one of Rolex’s modern classics – the Datejust 41. Launched in 2016, this contemporary take on the Datejust has a sophisticated appeal, which makes it suitable for any occasion. The rhodium grey dial works well with the model’s classic colorways and exceptional aesthetics.

Sporting monochromatic designs, Rolex Datejust 41 rhodium dial watches are offered in either a pure 904L stainless steel finish or a combination of Oystersteel and white gold, also known as the Rolesor. A fluted 18k white gold bezel is made available in the Rolesor variations, while full steel models have a smooth domed bezel.


Rolex Datejust 41 Steel White Gold Rhodium Dial Mens Watch 126634


Offering great variety, each rhodium Datejust 41 comes with a three-piece link Oyster bracelet or a thicker Jubilee bracelet – both of which offer incredible durability and convenience.  Lastly, the hour markers come in a choice of baton for both the steel and Rolesor version, and diamonds for the Rolesor version only.


Rolex Datejust 41 Grey Dial Domed Bezel Steel Mens Watch 126300



Rolex Oyster Perpetual Rhodium Dial

The rhodium dial also made its appearance in the Oyster Perpetual 39 line, which was discontinued in 2020. Striking a balance between form and function, this model is well-loved for its simplicity and elegant profile.

Embodying clean lines, the rhodium Oyster Perpetual 39 (ref 114300) is available in an Oystersteel case, furnished with an Oyster bracelet, wide lugs, and an accessible crown at the right side.

Its rhodium dial offers a conservative option and an understated style, as opposed to its more youthful blue and red grape dial contemporaries. Its sunburst finish also makes the 12 vibrant blue accents on the outer rim pop.


Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 Rhodium Dial Steel Mens Watch 114300


In addition to the luminous baton hands and applied gold hour markers, the watch also features a self-winding movement with 48 hours of power reserve.



Rolex Yacht-Master Rhodium Dial

The rhodium dial has also been incorporated in the Yacht-Master, which has a robust build and a handsome appearance. Crafted in Oystersteel and 950 platinum, this luxurious watch is part of the series of Yachtmasters introduced in 2016.

Equipped with a reliable self-winding movement, the rhodium dial Yacht-Master comes with a choice of 40mm and 37mm cases, both of which sit comfortably on the wrist. The bezel’s matte finish gives the watch a utilitarian look, while the contrasting icy blue accents on the signature and seconds hand provide a playful touch.


Rolex Yacht-Master Rhodium Dial Steel Platinum Mens Watch 116622


With its unique and versatile looks, this watch will appeal to those who seek a Yacht-master with an edgy style.



Whether they contain rhodium or not, these timepieces offer incredible versatility and a stylish look and feel. Explore our collection of rhodium dial Rolex watches at


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