Can You Get Your Rolex Watch Serviced Without Papers?

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Do you own a Rolex watch, but no longer have its papers? You’re not alone. Many people have this concern about their luxury timepieces, especially when it’s time to service them.

In this article, we’ll clear up some common questions surrounding the topic of getting your watch serviced without papers.

What are Rolex Papers?

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As a Rolex watch owner, the papers that accompany your timepiece at the point of purchase are part of what validates it as authentic. These include the original purchase receipt, the warranty, and the owner’s manual. There’s no doubt that these documents make your Rolex more valuable and ensure that future owners will be able to service the watch at any authorized retailer.

Your Rolex papers include information like:



Serial numbers

The Rolex dealer it was purchased from

Service history

Warranty information

Name of purchaser

Rolex Box and Card

Rolex Box and Card

While originally, papers meant actual papers, starting in 2006 Rolex switched over to using a plastic card as the warranty card. These are electronically activated but contain the same information as the original paper-based warranties. So, whether you purchased your watch pre-2006 or not, you’ll have some kind of proof of the authenticity of your watch and your proof of ownership.

Rolex papers are essentially the warranty and service history of your watch. They contain information about its origin, serial number, date of purchase, maintenance records, and details about repairs done on it in case you ever need them for resale later on.

When you’re estimating the value of your Rolex watch, possession of these original papers actually boosts its value.


If I lose my watch’s papers, will Rolex replace them?

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No. Only one guarantee card is ever printed for each watch. It’s plainly stated in the Rolex terms of service that they will not reissue a guarantee card no matter the circumstances. They advise you to contact the retailer that you purchased your watch from for any further assistance.

No papers doesn’t mean no hope though. Many collectors get their watches authenticated at the retailer when they can’t find their original papers. In many cases, when buying pre-owned, only the watch is part of the sale.


Service Guarantee Card

Rolex Guarantee Card

Rolex Guarantee Card (photo: Rolex)

If you take your Rolex to a certified Rolex watch center for authentication, they can issue you a service guarantee card. While not the original paperwork, it’s the next best thing. It will still add value to your luxury watch, just not as much as the original paperwork. For service purposes, this card verifies that a Rolex representative not only authenticated your ownership of the watch but also disassembled, inspected, and certifies that your watch is genuine and untouched by outside watchmakers.


Can I get my Rolex serviced without papers?

Rolex servicing

Servicing a Rolex watch (photo: Rolex)

Yes, you can get your authentic Rolex watch serviced without your original papers. Losing your original paperwork is not a rare occurrence at all. Rolex will still service your watch but needs a little more information first if you can’t simply hand over your green guarantee card.

This is where that Rolex watch authentication comes into play. Rolex will happily service a Rolex watch under the following conditions:

It is an authenticated Rolex watch.

It hasn’t been modified in any way.

It isn’t stolen.

Rolex servicing procedure

Servicing a Rolex watch (photo: Rolex)

Now some Rolex watches, like the Oyster Case, there may be an engraved serial number that will allow Rolex to authenticate the device’s settings, history, and guarantee. Your Rolex Service Center can validate this serial number themselves and that’s where they can get information that it might be a stolen watch! There are databases they check using the serial number for authentication and ones that will show the possibility that this watch was lost or stolen.

If you bought your watch pre-owned, it’s a good idea to have the paperwork of your purchase reflecting this change of ownership. These may become relevant as they’re investigating the history of your watch. The original name registered at purchase can’t be changed so having a record of your purchase from them will ease any tension regarding a potentially stolen watch.

If your watch then proceeds to the second phase before service, checks, they will look for any evidence that it was modified or serviced independently by a non-Rolex Service Center. If it appears that another watchmaker has serviced the watch, Rolex reserves the right and may refuse to service your watch and they often do.


You can have your Rolex serviced at SwissWatchExpo

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If there is no Rolex service center near you, you can send your watch to SwissWatchExpo for servicing. Whether it’s for basic maintenance or you need repairs or restorations, SwissWatchExpo can give you a free estimate for your luxury watch.

With only 6,000 trained watch technicians left in the US, let the trained master watchmakers at SwissWatchExpo, specializing in Rolex watches, service your Rolex in their state-of-the-art service center.

At SwissWatchExpo, we have a perfected 9-point repair checklist run completely by skilled, expert watch technicians. Most watches are repaired and serviced within 14 working days. This includes cleaning, lubrication, case, and band refinishing (if it’s necessary), replacement of the waterproof seals, and testing the precision of your movement and the waterproofing of the case. Every service is backed by a full 18-month limited warranty.

SwissWatchExpo will service all Swiss luxury brands and most especially all Rolex models from the Submariner to the Cellini with the same care and attention to detail you’d get through Rolex itself.


Can I get my Rolex watch serviced without the papers?

If you have a Rolex watch with no papers, there’s no need to worry! With a little more information and authentication, they will happily service your watch as long as it meets their criteria.

SwissWatchExpo can also service your watch – in fact, we service all the Swiss luxury brands that we carry, and all Rolex models including the Submariner, GMT-Master, Yacht-Master, Daytona, Datejust, Day-Date, Explorer, Oyster Perpetual, Sea-Dweller, Sky-Dweller, Milgauss, Cellini, and more. You can send your watch to the service center in Atlanta where it will receive the utmost care and expert service. Learn more about Watch Repair and Maintenance at SwissWatchExpo.

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