7 Watches for Wall Street

Wall Street

America is no doubt entranced by the idea of working at Wall Street. And Wall Street itself has always been obsessed with status and hierarchy.

If you want to work your way up its ladder, you not only need to bring your A-game, you’ve got to dress the part, too. And a great watch, like a good suit, will make you feel instinctively more confident as you work the trading floor.

But timing is everything. Early on in your career, you want something that shows polished humility, while every promotion calls for a piece that shows just how far you’ve come.

Here are watches for every stage of your Wall Street career:


Rolex Air King for interns

Congrats! You’ve beat the odds and made it to the junior-year internship, which means it will be easier for you to land a full-time gig. Put in the hours and lay the foundation for a job offer. Get a reliable, sharp-looking, but unassuming watch which has everything you need and nothing more. Try an entry-level watch like the Rolex Air King (pictured) or an Omega Seamaster.



Rolex Air King for Analysts

This is it! You finally landed a job on Wall Street. But it’s only the beginning. You’re going to be tested on your financial skills, as well as your ability to hobnob with peers and senior bankers. Get a watch that is versatile but is recognizable enough to give you that investment banker credo. They won’t miss a Rolex Submariner (pictured) or a Cartier Roadster.



Rolex Seadweller for Associates

Well done, you’ll finally meet clients now. You’ve navigated the office well enough for you to be trusted with business, but you’ll need to show the clients that. At the same time, you don’t want them to think you’re trying too hard to impress them by wearing something that you can’t afford just yet. Play it safe and go with a Rolex Seadweller.



Vacheron Constantin for Vice Presidents

Now you’re out of the analyst and associate pay scale, and you’re really talking money. Get yourself a badass watch like a Rolex Daytona. If you’ve got a couple of Rolex pieces in your collection, it may be time to try something new. Perhaps a watch to help you navigate timezones? A Vacheron Constantin Overseas (pictured) is a good choice.



Breguet Classique for Directors

You’ve got three years to make it to MD, and it’s time to prove yourself once more. Choose a watch that shows self-assurance, like a Breguet Classique (pictured) or a Jaeger Lecoultre Reverso Grande.



Patek Philippe Calatrava for Managing Directors

If there’s a watch peeking under your MD’s sleeve, it’s most likely a Patek. You’ve earned your right to get one, but do remember that it’s really not yours. You’re merely looking after it for the next generation. Choose a classic model like the Patek Philippe Calatrava.



Rolex President Day-Date for Partners

At this point, you’re way too high on the totem pole that nobody really cares what you’re wearing anymore. But if you do, opt for something men of your calibre have worn. Nothing is more iconic than a Rolex President Day-DateGet yours in 18k White or Yellow Gold.




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