Black Lightning!

Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 36 Flyback Titanium Mens Watch CAR2B80

                For all the styles and functions available with the TAG Heuer brand, it has always been at its most comfortable on the racetrack.  With the Steve McQueen endorsed Monaco, TAG created an instant icon, and its innovation for stylish racing chronographs has stretched across decades.  One of the most interesting additions to this lengthy heritage has got to be this Titanium Carrera.  The 43MM case is large for the TAG line, and the black PVD coating makes for a sporty, yet sinister look.  But not to worry, the titanium case means it’s weight won’t slow you down around the track. And finally, the flyback chronograph is the best tool for recording lap times, with the ability to reset on the fly without losing so much as a second.  TAG Heuer’s racing tradition is still going strong both with their more traditional Monaco’s and more contemporary pieces such as this.  At the intersection of style, substance, and speed, you can be sure to find the Carrera!

The choice is yours, and it’s easy!

Platinum? Diamonds? How many records has this thing sold?

Let’s say it’s time to buy a new watch. So, what does a wristwatch say about you? Well presumably a bit, depends whose looking. Obviously, a Rolex makes a pretty good statement, so you think you’ll see what they’ve got to offer. And the President is always a classy choice, it’s timeless. Definitely not going out of style anytime soon. But don’t you see a lot of the yellow gold walking around? I mean almost every day. There’s got to be another way, some other choice to set me apart. How about PLATINUM! Yeah they’ll never see that coming. And why not something with a little added flair, maybe some DIAMONDS! Not too much bling, just a little on the dial. Yeah, just like that.

If you’ve ever thought about that like I just did for you, guess what you were thinking about this watch all along. I know, right! Thank god, we have exactly that in stock. That must be such a relief.

Fear the Flyback

Fans of large cases and practical divers have always had a soft spot for Panerai, and for good reason.  They’ve yet to deviate from their original vision of creating bold, military purposed dive watches, and this Submersible flyback chronograph is a continuation of that heritage.  At 47mm it’s an absolute monster of a watch, fans of the brand will accept nothing less, but that size is not all for show. The movement houses a Flyback feature allowing for resetting the chronograph with a single push of the button.  Futhermore the size is not the only thing making this case

Putting the Titan in titanium… It’s big

special, the special titanium finish can either be brushed or polished, allowing for a remarkably varied look.  Of course this also makes the case deceptively light, so you don’t have to worry about this watch dragging you down to the bottom of the ocean either.  Panerai has always been a unique watchmaker, and that’s provided them with a very devout following.  Those who count themselves among them will have a lot to get excited about when they see this piece, and who knows, they just might become the envy of all Panerai owners.


Unusually Patek


Patek Philippe is arguably the most celebrated watch brand in history and certainly has the heritage and quality to back it up.  It’s reputation amongst watchmakers and collectors is unquestioned, yet to the more casual observer the brand may appear overly traditional, conservative, or just plain stuffy, especially if they’re only using the Calatrava as a point of reference.  Well Patek would not have such a reputation if they were just a one trick pony, and you can consider this Annual Calendar Gondolo as an official rebuttal.

   While well known for their traditional clean dials and thin, round cases, this watch goes in a much bolder direction.  The tonneau case is a much more modern shape than any Calatrava, and the Anthracite dial gives off a sporty contrast to the white gold case, but still looks neat enough to blend with traditional formal attire.  The watch also features an annual calendar, and moonphase function, just in case you weren’t sure if Patek knew their way around complications.  This is a 21st century timepiece from a brand with centuries of tradition, and if that sounds like you, it may be time to try it on!–5135-12402

No Medals Required

                 Omega has a long, celebrated history as the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games, and you better believe they have something special in store when the games come around.  The 2016 games in Rio were no exception, and this limited edition Seamaster perfectly encapsulates the legacy, festivity, and of course sportiness, of not only the Olympic games, but Rio de Janeiro itself.

A real waaavy dude!

The first thing you notice that sets this piece apart from other Seamasters is the colored numerals on the bezel.  Blue, yellow, green, and red, the addition of the black dial represents the 5 rings of the Olympic logo, and certainly adds a great deal of character in contrast to the black of the dial and bezel.  The dial itself is yet another reason this watch is so special, the wave pattern on this dial is a departure from the wave dial of the James Bond Seamaster you know all too well.  Rather, this pattern serves as an homage to the sidewalks of the famous Copacabana beach, and certainly gives off an exotic, energetic vibe much like the celebrated neighborhood.

Since the games only come around once every 4 years, it’s only right this watch is in a limited run, only a select few get to represent their country in the Olympics, and only a select few get to represent the Olympics on their wrist.  Sports fans, lovers of Rio, and those in need of a colorful, festive dive watch, need to look no further than this rarity.  It’s like no other Seamaster before or since, and that’s just the way it should be.

Hey Mr. Brown Sky!

Rolex Sky-Dweller Everose Chocolate Brown Rose Gold Mens Watch 326135
                The name Rolex is known for many things in the watch world, but new releases are not among them.  Sure movements get upgraded, designs tweaked, new clasps, bracelets, etc. but it’s not every day that Rolex builds an entirely new watch from the ground up.  Well imagine the clamor when in 2012 they did just that, for the first time in 20 years, and bestowed upon the world the Rolex Sky-Dweller.  Needless to say, through the unbelievable hype, this watch stepped up.

…It’s complicated

                The Sky-Master is arguably Rolex’s most complicated watch to date, featuring a dual-time zone (in the form of an inner dial, rather than a GMT hand) and an annual calendar. Watch collectors who flock to complications may have shied away from Rolex in the past, but the Sky-Dweller will certainly make them take pause.  Another feature previously unheard of is the bezel, featuring Ring Command, allowing the wearer to set date, local time, and reference time with a single crown setting position, simply by rotating the bezel
                Of course Rolex wouldn’t dare sacrifice the crisp design that their fans demand, regardless of complications.  In fact, you’d be hard pressed to tell this watch was an annual calendar at all.  The month is displayed by 12 apertures around the circumference of the dial, as opposed to a separate subdial, making this perhaps the subtlest annual calendar on the market today.  The dial itself is a beautiful as you’d expect out of new, hyped up Rolex model.  The black markers offer just enough contrast with the chocolate dial for easy visibility without being spotted from across the room, and it all blends perfectly with Rolex’s Everose case.  So if you’re in the market for a complicated timepiece without the appearance of a crossword puzzle on your wrist, for the first time in history, it might be time for a Rolex.

I Feel the Need. The Need… for High Quality Luxury Timepieces

IWC Big Pilots Top Gun Black PVD Automatic Watch IW501901 Unworn

             Pilot’s watches have a storied place in the history of both watchmaking and aviation, and IWC has been involved in that history from the very beginning.  Staking their claim as a premier watchmaker, IWC introduced the first pilots watch with anti-magnetic properties at a critical moment, the outbreak of WWII.  While aviation became a more integral part of the war effort, many of the elements that made the IWC pilot practical for aviators also lends itself to modern fashion.  With such a lengthy history, is amazing how little this model has changed over the years. A large case and clean dial with a lack of complications make this watch highly visible and easy to read, whether dodging enemy fire in a dogfight, or tough questions in a board meeting.

Son, your ego is writing checks your wrist can’t cash.

Of course if proud aeronautical history and crisp, simple design is not impressive enough for you, there’s always the Top Gun edition in black ceramic.  In addition to everything else that makes the Big Pilot a collector’s dream, it also features an extra 2 mm’s on the case (bringing it to a substantial 48mm) and a seven-day power reserve.  The jet black PVD is undeniably sporty, but still versatile enough to dress up when you’re ready to make a big impression.  To put it simply, this watch can be your wingman anytime!

It’s a Celebration!!!

 Corum Celebrates Second Millennium 18K White Gold Automatic LTD Watch

The crossroads of watch and coin collecting is marked by a single name, and that name is Corum.  Their signature coin watches have fascinated fans of both for over half a century, and to honor this heritage, they rolled out a very special piece indeed. The Corum Celebrates is a testament to the following they’ve built, and hopefully a testament to what they can produce in the future.

The surprisingly hefty 35mm case is made of solid white gold, and while not created out of an actual circulated gold coin, does maintain the aesthetic of the coin watches you know and love, right down to the case edge. The dial celebrates a millennia of mankind’s achievements, from the printing press and the age of sail, all the way to steam power, industry, and finally space travel!  What better way to celebrate your accomplishments than with a reminder of giant shoulders you stand upon?  The automatic movement is a rarity among coin watches, or any case this thin, but with only 100 pieces produced, this is a rare watch itself, and deserves nothing less.  And neither do you!

Southpaws Only!

Tag Heuer Monaco Automatic Chronograph Mens Watch CAW211P

Today is national left-handed day, and we dedicate this post to all those struggling folks oppressed by the many societal staples that the privileged right -handed majority take for granted.  I’m talking about scissors, spiral notebooks, the inevitable mess that accompanies writing in pencil, and good luck finding a decent set of golf clubs.  No it’s not easy being a lefty but we’ve got something to ease the pain, this lovely new TAG Heuer Monaco!

The new “Steve McQueen” Blue is now a wonderful matted denim hue, and suddenly one of the most recognizable timepieces in the world just got a much needed adjustment, and believe me people have noticed!  Most importantly, the crown and pushers have been reversed from the layout of the traditional Monaco case, finally giving the other 1/9th of the population the wrist mobility so many of us desperately crave.  This is a watch so stylish, some of your simpleton right-handed buddies might even try to pull it off.  But WE WON’T LET THEM! So next time you’re struggling to use a can opener, just remember TAG Heuer has got your back, and so does SwissWatchExpo.

So luxurious it comes with its own driver

The Breitling Bentley will forever and always be a big, bold, attention grabbing wrist ornament.  And why shouldn’t it?  When a Bentley turns the corner, your head turns with it, and Breitling had this immediate fascination in mind when designing a watch worthy of the name, a car that is both stylish, luxurious, and exclusive.  It is this last factor that makes this piece particularly special within the Bentley line, as the Midnight Carbon edition was inspired by the carmaker’s long running 6.75 litre engine, and limited to only 1,000 pieces.

High Octane Style

Of course any watch that owes its conception to a V8 is going to be incredibly sporty, and with a 49mm jet black case, there’s no ambiguity here.  It still features the trademark knurled bezel, and the Bentley logo is just as prominent as ever.  It also includes the list of world capitals in lieu of the slide rule, a common feature on GMT’s of this line.  The most dramatic feature, however, is sure to be the openworked motif in the dial, a practical white whale in watches of this price range.  Brilliantly designed, you can witness its intricate movement at work, while still not having your view of the time obscured in the slightest, an attribute many more expensive brands have let fall by the wayside.  So whether you’re gripping the wheel of a luxury car, or prefer a leisurely stroll to get to your destination, this Bentley will have pedestrian’s heads on a swivel, and your wrist in the spotlight.