Hey Mr. Brown Sky!

Rolex Sky-Dweller Everose Chocolate Brown Rose Gold Mens Watch 326135
                The name Rolex is known for many things in the watch world, but new releases are not among them.  Sure movements get upgraded, designs tweaked, new clasps, bracelets, etc. but it’s not every day that Rolex builds an entirely new watch from the ground up.  Well imagine the clamor when in 2012 they did just that, for the first time in 20 years, and bestowed upon the world the Rolex Sky-Dweller.  Needless to say, through the unbelievable hype, this watch stepped up.

…It’s complicated

                The Sky-Master is arguably Rolex’s most complicated watch to date, featuring a dual-time zone (in the form of an inner dial, rather than a GMT hand) and an annual calendar. Watch collectors who flock to complications may have shied away from Rolex in the past, but the Sky-Dweller will certainly make them take pause.  Another feature previously unheard of is the bezel, featuring Ring Command, allowing the wearer to set date, local time, and reference time with a single crown setting position, simply by rotating the bezel
                Of course Rolex wouldn’t dare sacrifice the crisp design that their fans demand, regardless of complications.  In fact, you’d be hard pressed to tell this watch was an annual calendar at all.  The month is displayed by 12 apertures around the circumference of the dial, as opposed to a separate subdial, making this perhaps the subtlest annual calendar on the market today.  The dial itself is a beautiful as you’d expect out of new, hyped up Rolex model.  The black markers offer just enough contrast with the chocolate dial for easy visibility without being spotted from across the room, and it all blends perfectly with Rolex’s Everose case.  So if you’re in the market for a complicated timepiece without the appearance of a crossword puzzle on your wrist, for the first time in history, it might be time for a Rolex.

I Feel the Need. The Need… for High Quality Luxury Timepieces

IWC Big Pilots Top Gun Black PVD Automatic Watch IW501901 Unworn

             Pilot’s watches have a storied place in the history of both watchmaking and aviation, and IWC has been involved in that history from the very beginning.  Staking their claim as a premier watchmaker, IWC introduced the first pilots watch with anti-magnetic properties at a critical moment, the outbreak of WWII.  While aviation became a more integral part of the war effort, many of the elements that made the IWC pilot practical for aviators also lends itself to modern fashion.  With such a lengthy history, is amazing how little this model has changed over the years. A large case and clean dial with a lack of complications make this watch highly visible and easy to read, whether dodging enemy fire in a dogfight, or tough questions in a board meeting.

Son, your ego is writing checks your wrist can’t cash.

Of course if proud aeronautical history and crisp, simple design is not impressive enough for you, there’s always the Top Gun edition in black ceramic.  In addition to everything else that makes the Big Pilot a collector’s dream, it also features an extra 2 mm’s on the case (bringing it to a substantial 48mm) and a seven-day power reserve.  The jet black PVD is undeniably sporty, but still versatile enough to dress up when you’re ready to make a big impression.  To put it simply, this watch can be your wingman anytime!

It’s a Celebration!!!

 Corum Celebrates Second Millennium 18K White Gold Automatic LTD Watch

The crossroads of watch and coin collecting is marked by a single name, and that name is Corum.  Their signature coin watches have fascinated fans of both for over half a century, and to honor this heritage, they rolled out a very special piece indeed. The Corum Celebrates is a testament to the following they’ve built, and hopefully a testament to what they can produce in the future.

The surprisingly hefty 35mm case is made of solid white gold, and while not created out of an actual circulated gold coin, does maintain the aesthetic of the coin watches you know and love, right down to the case edge. The dial celebrates a millennia of mankind’s achievements, from the printing press and the age of sail, all the way to steam power, industry, and finally space travel!  What better way to celebrate your accomplishments than with a reminder of giant shoulders you stand upon?  The automatic movement is a rarity among coin watches, or any case this thin, but with only 100 pieces produced, this is a rare watch itself, and deserves nothing less.  And neither do you!

Southpaws Only!

Tag Heuer Monaco Automatic Chronograph Mens Watch CAW211P

Today is national left-handed day, and we dedicate this post to all those struggling folks oppressed by the many societal staples that the privileged right -handed majority take for granted.  I’m talking about scissors, spiral notebooks, the inevitable mess that accompanies writing in pencil, and good luck finding a decent set of golf clubs.  No it’s not easy being a lefty but we’ve got something to ease the pain, this lovely new TAG Heuer Monaco!

The new “Steve McQueen” Blue is now a wonderful matted denim hue, and suddenly one of the most recognizable timepieces in the world just got a much needed adjustment, and believe me people have noticed!  Most importantly, the crown and pushers have been reversed from the layout of the traditional Monaco case, finally giving the other 1/9th of the population the wrist mobility so many of us desperately crave.  This is a watch so stylish, some of your simpleton right-handed buddies might even try to pull it off.  But WE WON’T LET THEM! So next time you’re struggling to use a can opener, just remember TAG Heuer has got your back, and so does SwissWatchExpo.

So luxurious it comes with its own driver

The Breitling Bentley will forever and always be a big, bold, attention grabbing wrist ornament.  And why shouldn’t it?  When a Bentley turns the corner, your head turns with it, and Breitling had this immediate fascination in mind when designing a watch worthy of the name, a car that is both stylish, luxurious, and exclusive.  It is this last factor that makes this piece particularly special within the Bentley line, as the Midnight Carbon edition was inspired by the carmaker’s long running 6.75 litre engine, and limited to only 1,000 pieces.

High Octane Style

Of course any watch that owes its conception to a V8 is going to be incredibly sporty, and with a 49mm jet black case, there’s no ambiguity here.  It still features the trademark knurled bezel, and the Bentley logo is just as prominent as ever.  It also includes the list of world capitals in lieu of the slide rule, a common feature on GMT’s of this line.  The most dramatic feature, however, is sure to be the openworked motif in the dial, a practical white whale in watches of this price range.  Brilliantly designed, you can witness its intricate movement at work, while still not having your view of the time obscured in the slightest, an attribute many more expensive brands have let fall by the wayside.  So whether you’re gripping the wheel of a luxury car, or prefer a leisurely stroll to get to your destination, this Bentley will have pedestrian’s heads on a swivel, and your wrist in the spotlight.

Here am I floating in a tin can.

The Speedmaster Professional has honored the history of space exploration for decades now, probably because the watch itself was a very part of that history.  Proudly (and accurately) heralded as “the First Watch on the Moon”, the Speedmaster has gone through several limited productions, all celebrating man’s glorious feats beyond the sky.  This piece continues that tradition, while simultaneously looking to the future, aptly dubbed “from The Moon to Mars”.

I keep planet’s in orbit!

This limited edition piece has all the characteristics of a Professional Speedy you know and love.  Simple, yet gorgeous matte black dial, tachymeter bezel, and the trademark three chronographs.  However, these chronographs contain three celestial bodies you might be familiar with.  Featuring Mars, the Moon, and our very own planet earth at 3,6, and 9 respectively, this design reminds us that space travel is not a merely a frivolous pursuit, nor a nostalgic pastime from the cold war.  As proud as we should be for our accomplishments to date, the great unknown, for the most part, remains just that.

So for all those aspiring astronauts among us, all those with heads tilted, eyes longingly searching the sky, born too late to explore the earth and too early to explore the stars, that dream will still be alive, if only on your wrist.

High Horology, High Fashion, High Company

“PLEASE ACCEPT MY RESIGNATION. I DON’T WANT TO BELONG TO ANY CLUB THAT WILL ACCEPT PEOPLE LIKE ME AS A MEMBER.” Arguably the world’s earliest zinger, courtesy of Groucho Marx, goes a long way towards highlighting a man’s desire for exclusivity.  Well it doesn’t get more exclusive than this gorgeous rose gold Breguet Classique.  Made to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the company’s founding, this one of a kind timepiece was limited to a run of only 75 pieces, putting ourselves and its soon-to-be-lucky owner in very high company.

Much like a bigfoot sighting, extremely rare, and no one will believe you anyway.

However, this watch isn’t just rare, it’s also elegant and spectacular!  It features the formal shape, coin edge case, and intricate guilloche dial that makes the Classique an all-time great in the dress watch world, but that alone doesn’t make this piece the unicorn that it is.  The regulator dial will certainly make this unique among your friend’s collection with its spatially separate hands, all wrapped inside a gorgeous rose gold case.  The back of the case features further guilloche patterns, and a list of the aristocratic clients of Abraham-Louis Breguet including Napoleon, Louis XVI, and Tsar Alexandre I just to name a few.  You’re in rare company now, and I don’t just mean the other 74 people who own this watch!

Coming all the way from space to make your wrist look fly!

Come and get it before Bruce Willis blows it up!

Rolex watches have always been collectable items, and watch aficionados of all sorts have searched for the rare piece that will serve as the cornerstone of their collection.  Who knows, maybe you have a rare piece that you wear proudly yourself.  Does that watch contain any interstellar metal that traveled untold distances in the cold vacuum of space before crashing to earth in prehistoric times? If not don’t worry, you just need to check out Rolex’s Meteorite dial and set yourself straight.  This ladies Datejust is one of the finest examples, featuring the beautiful natural pattern of the meteorite on the dial that’s sure to raise questions in the best possible way. That’s not all of course. It also features the beautiful Everose on both the bracelet and bezel, in addition to brilliant factory diamonds in the dial.  If you’re a one of a kind lady, or know someone who needs a one of a kind watch, look no further.  It’s not like watches like this fall right out of the sky.

Royally Stylish

Today we feature a watch as iconic as it is divisive, one of the most iconic watches in the history of luxury timepieces, Audumars Piguet’s Royal Oak.  The flagship piece of one of the world’s premier watchmaker, the Royal Oak is desired by millions and can be either for daily wear, or as a cornerstone piece to an impressive timepiece collection. Versatile is too simple a word to describe Royal Oak, it is simply an enigma.  Somehow occupying the space between elegant and sporty, classic and contemporary, conservative and audacious, it can mean a number of things to its fortunate owner.  No matter whether you go white, rose, or yellow gold, even stainless steel, it’s all in how you wear it.  To put it simply, there’s nothing you can’t do with a Royal Oak on your wrist, and you’ll certainly feel up to taking any challenge with this beauty by your side.

Holy Diver!

The Aquatimer is the flagship dive watch for a brand that made its name on the water.  Many fans know them for the Portofino and Portuguese,

Enchantment under the sea, just like your high school prom but not as lame.

winning them over with both clean traditionalism and substantial size, but this particular Aquatimer shows they aren’t afraid to take risks and innovate.  Touch enough for deep water exploration, yet stylish and elegant enough for whatever soiree you can stumble into, this watch is simply full of surprises.  Right off the bat the dial has a lot going on.  The black wave pattern mesmerizes, and reminds you this watch is meant for the salty sea (not that you’d need it to).  The chrono readout at 12 is very detailed, and the luminous markers are bordered in rose gold, making it all very easy to decipher, an absolute must when under the waves.  Perhaps the boldest innovation is something rarely considered when looking for a new dive watch, the bezel.  While many watches still use aluminum inserts, and some upgrading to ceramic, IWC covers it with scratch resistant Sapphire, giving an extra layer of elegance and protection to an already touch cookie.  Powered by IWC’s in house Caliber 89360 movement inside a glowing rose gold case, and you’ve got yourself a diver that can’t stop impressing in or out of the water!