So luxurious it comes with its own driver

The Breitling Bentley will forever and always be a big, bold, attention grabbing wrist ornament.  And why shouldn’t it?  When a Bentley turns the corner, your head turns with it, and Breitling had this immediate fascination in mind when designing a watch worthy of the name, a car that is both stylish, luxurious, and exclusive.  It is this last factor that makes this piece particularly special within the Bentley line, as the Midnight Carbon edition was inspired by the carmaker’s long running 6.75 litre engine, and limited to only 1,000 pieces.

High Octane Style

Of course any watch that owes its conception to a V8 is going to be incredibly sporty, and with a 49mm jet black case, there’s no ambiguity here.  It still features the trademark knurled bezel, and the Bentley logo is just as prominent as ever.  It also includes the list of world capitals in lieu of the slide rule, a common feature on GMT’s of this line.  The most dramatic feature, however, is sure to be the openworked motif in the dial, a practical white whale in watches of this price range.  Brilliantly designed, you can witness its intricate movement at work, while still not having your view of the time obscured in the slightest, an attribute many more expensive brands have let fall by the wayside.  So whether you’re gripping the wheel of a luxury car, or prefer a leisurely stroll to get to your destination, this Bentley will have pedestrian’s heads on a swivel, and your wrist in the spotlight.

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