Southpaws Only!

Tag Heuer Monaco Automatic Chronograph Mens Watch CAW211P

Today is national left-handed day, and we dedicate this post to all those struggling folks oppressed by the many societal staples that the privileged right -handed majority take for granted.  I’m talking about scissors, spiral notebooks, the inevitable mess that accompanies writing in pencil, and good luck finding a decent set of golf clubs.  No it’s not easy being a lefty but we’ve got something to ease the pain, this lovely new TAG Heuer Monaco!

The new “Steve McQueen” Blue is now a wonderful matted denim hue, and suddenly one of the most recognizable timepieces in the world just got a much needed adjustment, and believe me people have noticed!  Most importantly, the crown and pushers have been reversed from the layout of the traditional Monaco case, finally giving the other 1/9th of the population the wrist mobility so many of us desperately crave.  This is a watch so stylish, some of your simpleton right-handed buddies might even try to pull it off.  But WE WON’T LET THEM! So next time you’re struggling to use a can opener, just remember TAG Heuer has got your back, and so does SwissWatchExpo.

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