It’s a Celebration!!!

 Corum Celebrates Second Millennium 18K White Gold Automatic LTD Watch

The crossroads of watch and coin collecting is marked by a single name, and that name is Corum.  Their signature coin watches have fascinated fans of both for over half a century, and to honor this heritage, they rolled out a very special piece indeed. The Corum Celebrates is a testament to the following they’ve built, and hopefully a testament to what they can produce in the future.

The surprisingly hefty 35mm case is made of solid white gold, and while not created out of an actual circulated gold coin, does maintain the aesthetic of the coin watches you know and love, right down to the case edge. The dial celebrates a millennia of mankind’s achievements, from the printing press and the age of sail, all the way to steam power, industry, and finally space travel!  What better way to celebrate your accomplishments than with a reminder of giant shoulders you stand upon?  The automatic movement is a rarity among coin watches, or any case this thin, but with only 100 pieces produced, this is a rare watch itself, and deserves nothing less.  And neither do you!

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