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IWC Big Pilots Top Gun Black PVD Automatic Watch IW501901 Unworn

             Pilot’s watches have a storied place in the history of both watchmaking and aviation, and IWC has been involved in that history from the very beginning.  Staking their claim as a premier watchmaker, IWC introduced the first pilots watch with anti-magnetic properties at a critical moment, the outbreak of WWII.  While aviation became a more integral part of the war effort, many of the elements that made the IWC pilot practical for aviators also lends itself to modern fashion.  With such a lengthy history, is amazing how little this model has changed over the years. A large case and clean dial with a lack of complications make this watch highly visible and easy to read, whether dodging enemy fire in a dogfight, or tough questions in a board meeting.

Son, your ego is writing checks your wrist can’t cash.

Of course if proud aeronautical history and crisp, simple design is not impressive enough for you, there’s always the Top Gun edition in black ceramic.  In addition to everything else that makes the Big Pilot a collector’s dream, it also features an extra 2 mm’s on the case (bringing it to a substantial 48mm) and a seven-day power reserve.  The jet black PVD is undeniably sporty, but still versatile enough to dress up when you’re ready to make a big impression.  To put it simply, this watch can be your wingman anytime!

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