The choice is yours, and it’s easy!

Platinum? Diamonds? How many records has this thing sold?

Let’s say it’s time to buy a new watch. So, what does a wristwatch say about you? Well presumably a bit, depends whose looking. Obviously, a Rolex makes a pretty good statement, so you think you’ll see what they’ve got to offer. And the President is always a classy choice, it’s timeless. Definitely not going out of style anytime soon. But don’t you see a lot of the yellow gold walking around? I mean almost every day. There’s got to be another way, some other choice to set me apart. How about PLATINUM! Yeah they’ll never see that coming. And why not something with a little added flair, maybe some DIAMONDS! Not too much bling, just a little on the dial. Yeah, just like that.

If you’ve ever thought about that like I just did for you, guess what you were thinking about this watch all along. I know, right! Thank god, we have exactly that in stock. That must be such a relief.

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