Here am I floating in a tin can.

The Speedmaster Professional has honored the history of space exploration for decades now, probably because the watch itself was a very part of that history.  Proudly (and accurately) heralded as “the First Watch on the Moon”, the Speedmaster has gone through several limited productions, all celebrating man’s glorious feats beyond the sky.  This piece continues that tradition, while simultaneously looking to the future, aptly dubbed “from The Moon to Mars”.

I keep planet’s in orbit!

This limited edition piece has all the characteristics of a Professional Speedy you know and love.  Simple, yet gorgeous matte black dial, tachymeter bezel, and the trademark three chronographs.  However, these chronographs contain three celestial bodies you might be familiar with.  Featuring Mars, the Moon, and our very own planet earth at 3,6, and 9 respectively, this design reminds us that space travel is not a merely a frivolous pursuit, nor a nostalgic pastime from the cold war.  As proud as we should be for our accomplishments to date, the great unknown, for the most part, remains just that.

So for all those aspiring astronauts among us, all those with heads tilted, eyes longingly searching the sky, born too late to explore the earth and too early to explore the stars, that dream will still be alive, if only on your wrist.

High Horology, High Fashion, High Company

“PLEASE ACCEPT MY RESIGNATION. I DON’T WANT TO BELONG TO ANY CLUB THAT WILL ACCEPT PEOPLE LIKE ME AS A MEMBER.” Arguably the world’s earliest zinger, courtesy of Groucho Marx, goes a long way towards highlighting a man’s desire for exclusivity.  Well it doesn’t get more exclusive than this gorgeous rose gold Breguet Classique.  Made to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the company’s founding, this one of a kind timepiece was limited to a run of only 75 pieces, putting ourselves and its soon-to-be-lucky owner in very high company.

Much like a bigfoot sighting, extremely rare, and no one will believe you anyway.

However, this watch isn’t just rare, it’s also elegant and spectacular!  It features the formal shape, coin edge case, and intricate guilloche dial that makes the Classique an all-time great in the dress watch world, but that alone doesn’t make this piece the unicorn that it is.  The regulator dial will certainly make this unique among your friend’s collection with its spatially separate hands, all wrapped inside a gorgeous rose gold case.  The back of the case features further guilloche patterns, and a list of the aristocratic clients of Abraham-Louis Breguet including Napoleon, Louis XVI, and Tsar Alexandre I just to name a few.  You’re in rare company now, and I don’t just mean the other 74 people who own this watch!

Coming all the way from space to make your wrist look fly!

Come and get it before Bruce Willis blows it up!

Rolex watches have always been collectable items, and watch aficionados of all sorts have searched for the rare piece that will serve as the cornerstone of their collection.  Who knows, maybe you have a rare piece that you wear proudly yourself.  Does that watch contain any interstellar metal that traveled untold distances in the cold vacuum of space before crashing to earth in prehistoric times? If not don’t worry, you just need to check out Rolex’s Meteorite dial and set yourself straight.  This ladies Datejust is one of the finest examples, featuring the beautiful natural pattern of the meteorite on the dial that’s sure to raise questions in the best possible way. That’s not all of course. It also features the beautiful Everose on both the bracelet and bezel, in addition to brilliant factory diamonds in the dial.  If you’re a one of a kind lady, or know someone who needs a one of a kind watch, look no further.  It’s not like watches like this fall right out of the sky.

Royally Stylish

Today we feature a watch as iconic as it is divisive, one of the most iconic watches in the history of luxury timepieces, Audumars Piguet’s Royal Oak.  The flagship piece of one of the world’s premier watchmaker, the Royal Oak is desired by millions and can be either for daily wear, or as a cornerstone piece to an impressive timepiece collection. Versatile is too simple a word to describe Royal Oak, it is simply an enigma.  Somehow occupying the space between elegant and sporty, classic and contemporary, conservative and audacious, it can mean a number of things to its fortunate owner.  No matter whether you go white, rose, or yellow gold, even stainless steel, it’s all in how you wear it.  To put it simply, there’s nothing you can’t do with a Royal Oak on your wrist, and you’ll certainly feel up to taking any challenge with this beauty by your side.

Holy Diver!

The Aquatimer is the flagship dive watch for a brand that made its name on the water.  Many fans know them for the Portofino and Portuguese,

Enchantment under the sea, just like your high school prom but not as lame.

winning them over with both clean traditionalism and substantial size, but this particular Aquatimer shows they aren’t afraid to take risks and innovate.  Touch enough for deep water exploration, yet stylish and elegant enough for whatever soiree you can stumble into, this watch is simply full of surprises.  Right off the bat the dial has a lot going on.  The black wave pattern mesmerizes, and reminds you this watch is meant for the salty sea (not that you’d need it to).  The chrono readout at 12 is very detailed, and the luminous markers are bordered in rose gold, making it all very easy to decipher, an absolute must when under the waves.  Perhaps the boldest innovation is something rarely considered when looking for a new dive watch, the bezel.  While many watches still use aluminum inserts, and some upgrading to ceramic, IWC covers it with scratch resistant Sapphire, giving an extra layer of elegance and protection to an already touch cookie.  Powered by IWC’s in house Caliber 89360 movement inside a glowing rose gold case, and you’ve got yourself a diver that can’t stop impressing in or out of the water!

Regulateurs! Mount Up!

The watch that CAN keep its hands off each other!

The IWC Portuguese is simple, elegant, and yet somehow impossible to imitate.  Often described as the “pocketwatch for the wrist”, the Portuguese has long been a favorite to those who want the sharp dress watch look, without the minuscule dress watch size.  It’s a simple enough concept, and at first glance this edition looks simple enough as well.  However, its unusual dial arrangement serves as an homage to the type of classic maritime chronometry that the Portuguese was built for.  I’m of course referring to the spatial separation of the three hands, which, while shocking to your preconceived notions of watch dials, is remarkably easy to read.  Besides that, this watch maintains the same crisp and uncluttered look you’d expect from a Portuguese.  For something so simple, it will sure have all your friends talking the moment they see it.

From Bienne with Love

It’s become almost cliché at this point, but we all know James Bond is the gold standard for masculine aspiration.  Everything from his cars, his clothes, his women, and yes, even his watch, are the envy of most every man.  Now in celebration of his most recent picture, Spectre, Omega has given us a special treat with the latest edition of the Bond Seamaster.  This new piece has a number of exceptional features that not only set it apart from the rest of the Seamaster line, but earlier incarnations of the Bond watch as well.
Right off the bat the dial will be like no Omega you’ve seen before.  The dark navy color is both rich and dynamic, and features a repeating motif of the Bond family coat of arms which will impress 007 geeks in addition to being absolutely gorgeous.   The second hand and accents are bright yellow, offering a stark contrast that is sure to catch some attention.  But it doesn’t stop there, flip the watch over to reveal an exhibition caseback with a rotor brilliantly inspired by the iconic gun barrel introductory scene instantly recognizable to even the most casual of Bond buffs.
We all know James Bond is stylish and attractive, but he also takes care of business in increasingly perilous circumstances.  This watch is no different, and since magnetic fields are deadly to a mechanical watch’s accuracy, its only right this watch is resistant to forces up to 15,007 gauss (because 15,000 wasn’t dapper enough).  Every man wishes he could be James Bond, but since emulating his actions will probably get you killed, let’s just stick with the watch for now.

A Trip to the Moon

Moonphase inside a moon watch? Inception moon!

We all know the Speedy went to the moon, but up there, did it ever wonder what distant, ant-sized people on the planet below saw when gazing up toward the sky in witness of the grand feats it accomplished? Believe it or not, Omega considered that existential question, which is why you can now get yourself a Speedmaster that displays the moon phase, truly bringing its heritage of space exploration full circle. Besides the extra complication, this watch features its trademark black dial, along with an elegant black Omega strap, giving it an extra element of sharpness that makes this watch appropriate for the office, a soiree, and of course, space travel!

The All-Time Timekeeper

IWC has long been one of the most proudly celebrated watchmakers in the world, both for style and horological achievement.  No watch in their collection is a greater testament to the latter than the Portuguese Perpetual Calendar (but don’t worry, it’s got plenty of style too).  First created by IWC at the tail end of the quartz crises of the early 80’s the “Da Vinci” reference was among the first wave of perpetual calendar movements, and the first to be made (relatively) affordable compared to existing models such as Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet.

What is it you want, Mary? What do you want? You want the moon? I’ll give you the moon!

Now, just one look at the dial lets you know this is a watch with a lot to say.  It effortlessly displays the day, date, month, and year in addition to the moon phase and astonishing 7-day power reserve display.  Even with all those displays, the dial still has room for rose gold Arabic numerals, making it remarkably easy to read.  Flip the watch around and its exhibition caseback shows you just where all that power comes from, and is absolutely mesmerizing to witness in action.  All of this fits inside a beautiful 42mm rose gold case that looks sharp and uncluttered on the wrist. This is not a watch for the casual observer, this is meant to be a crowning achievement in any collection and it has the means and the right look to do it!

IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar 18K Rose Gold Watch IW502213

Circle takes the Square!

Why Ronde? Because Cartier Rounde doesn’t sound elegant.

Cartier has won the hearts of the watch collecting community by being a classic brand with a classic look.  You won’t find any left-field designs, no ambitious “reimagining” of the timepiece aesthetic, just the classic, elegant Cartier style that keep fans adding to their collections.  While the Tank has been considered “the” dress watch for years an often overlooked model in their impressive repertoire is the Ronde.  A sharp departure from the Tank in several ways, the Ronde provides much needed variety in the dress watch realm, while still being unmistakably Cartier.

You know nothing Huey Lewis!

The round case is the first thing that catches the attention, and those less familiar with the brand may not believe Cartier would do such a thing.  The size also sets it apart from many dress watches, particularly the Tank.  The men’s XL reaches a whopping 42mm, yet its case remains so thin you’ll be amazed an automatic movement could fit.  It still features the trademark silvered and grained dial that has made the Tank a go-to for formalwear, but the face also features 24-hour Arabic markers tucked inside the Roman dial, providing a practical touch to a dress watch that is rarely seen.
For those looking for a classic dress watch just different enough to keep spectators on their toes (and it will have many) there’s a Cartier Ronde for you.  With both men’s and lady’s sizes, plus the gold option for that extra splash of elegance, those turned off by the size and shape of the tank need not turn their back on Cartier.  For as long as there is Ronde, there’s time for a pleasant surprise.