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Rolex has been deeply entrenched in the world of cinema for decades, whether they’re supporting the most influential people in show business or gracing the wrists of actors in film scenes. Whether they are well-placed brand sponsorships or the choice of the wardrobe designer, wearing a Rolex on-screen is sure to make a statement.

Watches aren’t just for aesthetics, they help establish the storyline and add depth to the characters. The Rolex Datejust, for one, has been the choice timepiece for characters with discerning and timeless taste. Below, we round up some of the most iconic cameos of the Rolex Datejust in film.


Rolex Datejust Silver Dial Fluted Bezel Steel White Gold Mens Watch 16234


Paul Newman in The Color of Money (1986)

Legendary actor and race car driver Paul Newman is more closely associated with the Rolex Daytona because he wore one in real life. On the big screen, however, his most popular timepiece was the stainless steel Datejust worn in The Color of Money. 

Newman played a pool player who wants to return to the game and who eventually took in a protege, played by Tom Cruise. There were many scenes of Cruise and Newman playing pool, thus showing off the 36 mm silver dial, Jubilee bracelet Rolex Datejust.



At one point, Newman hands the watch over to Cruise to time the game, and the camera pulls a close shot of the timepiece. Newman’s character also notes in the movie that he wears a Rolex because it is “the best.” Video from BBC on YouTube



 Rolex Datejust 36 Steel Yellow Gold Tapestry Dial Vintage Mens Watch 16013


Christian Bale in American Psycho (2000)

In the psychological thriller American Psycho, Christian Bale played Patrick Bateman – a successful investment banking executive, living a double life as a serial killer. The movie’s screenplay was taken from the novel of the same title, and in the book, Bateman’s Rolex Datejust is mentioned more than 20 times.

Given the violent nature of the character, Rolex wasn’t too happy with the product placement; and moved to omit the brand’s name from the script. Bale’s character still wore a Rolex though, specifically a tapestry dial, steel and yellow gold Rolex Datejust.



The pinstriped dial, Jubilee bracelet, and two-tone construction of the watch fit the role perfectly, as many Wall Street executives favored this style in the ’80s when the movie was set. Rolex, of course, is an easily recognizable symbol of success, which helped establish his character’s stature. Video from Lionsgate on YouTube



Rolex Datejust 36 Steel White Gold Black Dial Mens Watch 16234


Bill Murray in Lost in Translation (2003)

In the romantic comedy drama film Lost In Translation, Bill Murray plays Bob Harris, a movie star with a fading career, who heads to Japan to endorse a whiskey brand. There, he forms an unlikely friendship with a young woman played by Scarlett Johansson.

Murray’s character wears one watch throughout the film; and it was featured several times, including an extreme close-up in the film’s final scene. Murray’s watch was a stainless steel Rolex Datejust with a white gold fluted bezel, baton hour markers, and a Jubilee bracelet. Photo from Focus Features on Twitter




Rolex Datejust Steel Yellow Gold White Dial Mens Watch 16233


Matthew McConnaughey in The Wolf of Wall Street (2003)

In the black comedy film The Wolf of Wall Street, Matthew McConnaughey played a supporting role beside Leonardo DiCaprio, but his short appearance made a lasting impression.

In one of the key scenes from the movie, McConaughey”s character explains the rules of stockbroking to DiCaprio, when he starts thumping his chest with his fist in a musical rhythm. You won’t miss the Rolex Datejust on his wrist as he’s doing so. The watch is a stainless steel and yellow gold model, with a clean white dial, gold baton hour markers and a Jubilee bracelet. Video from Paramount Pictures on YouTube




Rolex Datejust 18K Yellow Gold Brown Strap Vintage Mens Watch 1601

Michael Caine in Get Carter (1971)

In the 1971 British crime film Get Carter, Michael Caine plays the eponymous Jack Carter, a London gangster who travels back to his hometown following his brother’s death.

In many of the action scenes, Caine’s character can be seen wearing a yellow gold Rolex Datejust with a leather bracelet under his cuff. It also appears in many of the movie’s outtakes and promotional photos, the most memorable of which show Caine in character and holding a shotgun. Video from British Film Institute on YouTube


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