The Rolex Wimbledon Dial

Rolex Datejust 41 Wimbledon Dial

Rolex has made a unique and lasting contribution to the world of science, exploration, and sports for more than a century. Pioneers and champions have looked to Rolex watches to tell time accurately, whatever the circumstances.

One of Rolex’s most visible partnerships is with Wimbledon, the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. The Crown has timed its matches to perfection for over 40 years now.

Albeit unofficial, a special Rolex Datejust dial has come to symbolize this connection. Let’s look back at the history of Rolex and Wimbledon’s partnership and how the ‘Wimbledon’ dial came to be.


Roger Federer at Wimbledon (source: Reuters)
Roger Federer at Wimbledon (source: Reuters)



The Championships, Wimbledon, more commonly known simply as Wimbledon, is the world’s oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament. It takes places at the Centre Court in London for two weeks each summer, bringing together the most prominent players on green grass.

Rolex became the Official Timekeeper of the Wimbledon in 1978. This marked the start of Rolex’s prominence in the tennis space, which now extends to all four Grand Slam events – including the Australian, French, and US Open.


Roger Federer's 2017 Wimbledon win (source: Reuters)
Roger Federer’s 2017 Wimbledon win (source: Reuters)


In addition, Rolex also supports a number of players on the field and has turned them into ambassadors. This includes the likes of Alexander Zverev, Caroline Wozniacki, and perhaps most prominently, Roger Federer.

At the end of each tournament, with a trophy hoisted above their heads, you’ll find Federer and other champions with a Rolex on their wrist.




These days, when watch collectors hear the words Rolex and Wimbledon together, it’s not always the tennis tournament that comes to mind. Rolex fans have used the term ‘Wimbledon’ to refer a special dial found on the Rolex Datejust.


Rolex Datejust 41 Steel Yellow Gold 'Wimbledon' Watches
Rolex Datejust 41 Steel Yellow Gold ‘Wimbledon’ Watches


Introduced in 2009 with the Rolex Datejust II, and later on adapted to the Datejust 41, the ‘Wimbledon’ dial comes with a slate grey face and Roman markers outlined with a classic green color. Many have seen this design as a nod to the green fields of Wimbledon.

Roger Federer has also been photographed wearing the Rolex Datejust ‘Wimbledon’ several times, most notably in 2017, when he won his record eighth Wimbledon title.


Rolex Datejust 41 Steel Yellow Gold 'Wimbledon' Watches
Rolex Datejust 41 Steel Yellow Gold ‘Wimbledon’ Watches


As Rolex nicknames usually go, the brand has never explicitly used the name ”Wimbledon” for the dial – it was Rolex fans who came up with it. The two-tone version has been closely promoted together with the Wimbledon tennis tournament, and it strikes a resemblance to the court clocks used during the games, further driving the reference home.

The ‘Wimbledon’ dial has been incorporated in all Rolex Datejust 41 styles, whether in full stainless steel, white Rolesor, yellow gold Rolesor, and Everose Rolesor.


Rolex Datejust 41 Steel Everose and Steel Yellow Gold 'Wimbledon' Watches
Rolex Datejust 41 Steel Everose and Steel Yellow Gold ‘Wimbledon’ Watches


Rolex and Wimbledon are the perfect match, each valuing a commitment to tradition, excellence and innovation. Explore our selection of Rolex Datejust Wimbledon watches at





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