The Rolex Datejust Sizing Guide

The Rolex Datejust Sizing Guide
When it comes to classic watches, the Rolex Datejust is top of mind. It takes the best attributes of Rolex and puts them together in a timelessly elegant package.

Aside from its classic styling, what makes the Datejust collection so dependable are the wide array of metals and colors to choose from. It also has the widest selection of case sizes available, meaning there’s a Datejust to suit every wrist.

Here’s a guide to the different sizing options for men and women within the Rolex Datejust family:


Datejust 36 Wimbledon
Rolex Datejust 36 Steel Rose Gold Wimbledon Dial Diamond Watch 126281

Rolex Datejust 36

This is the original size of the Rolex Datejust.  When the first Datejust launched in 1945, it had a 36mm yellow gold case on a Jubilee band and lacked the ‘Cyclops Lens,’ the unique magnifying device over the date window that the Swiss watchmaker developed in 1955.


Datejust 41 and 36 Wimbledon
Rolex Datejust Steel Wimbledon Dials: 41mm ref 126234 and 36mm ref 126200

Although the original Datejust was previously thought to be a man’s watch, it is today regarded as a unisex timepiece. For men, the 36mm size is wonderfully subtle and timeless, while for women, it provides an oversized appearance that is very in vogue. Moreover, the modern Datejust 36 is chunkier and has wider lugs but its appeal remains elegant as ever.



Rolex Datejust II

Over the decades, larger and bulkier watches became more popular. In response to changing preferences, Rolex added a 41mm version to be offered alongside the standard 36mm model – the Datejust II.


Rolex Datejust II Blue Baton Dial Steel White Gold 116334
Rolex Datejust II Blue Baton Dial Steel White Gold 116334

Aside from the larger case, this timepiece had thicker lugs and a wider bezel, giving it a more athletic appearance. The special pairing with Oyster bracelets emphasizes its manly feel further, as Rolex more often equips the Datejust with the Jubilee bracelet.

Despite its initial success, the Datejust II was only available for a limited time. Many Rolex aficionados found that its increased size and sportier nature deviated too far from the classic look of the Datejust. They wanted a bigger Datejust with the grace, proportions, and enduring design of the original. The Datejust II was eventually discontinued by Rolex in 2016, and was replaced with the Datejust 41.


Datejust Silver Dials
Steel Rolex Datejust Watches with Silver Dials: 41mm ref 126300 and 36mm ref 16200


Rolex Datejust 41

When the Datejust II was released in 2009, it answered the demand for larger watches, but many found its proportions too bulky for a Datejust. As a result, Rolex replaced it in 2016 with the Datejust 41. It has the same proportions as the original 36mm Datejust only in a larger size and a more contemporary finish. With its classic look and modern design, the 41mm Datejust is now one of the most popular sizes for men.


Rolex Datejust 41 Watches in Steel and Steel and White Gold
Rolex Datejust 41 Watches in Steel and Steel and White Gold

The overall style of the Datejust 41 is more refined thanks to its tapered case, slimmer lugs, thinner bezel, and smaller hour markers. Rolex also provided more variety with the Datejust 41 range – it is offered in a Rolesor Everose finish (combination of stainless steel and rose gold) and it comes on both the Oyster and Jubilee bracelet.


Rolex Datejust Midsize 31 Steel White Gold Blue Dial 278274 /  Rolex Datejust 41 Steel White Gold Blue Dial 126334
Rolex Datejust Midsize 31 Steel White Gold Blue Dial 278274 /
Rolex Datejust 41 Steel White Gold Blue Dial 126334


While the Datejust is now largely considered unisex, and many women do wear the 36 and 41mm editions, it is also made in smaller sizes specifically for women’s wrists. The Lady Datejust was originally made in a 26mm size but it is now produced in 28mm and 31mm sizes to suit modern tastes.


Rolex Lady Datejust 26

The incredible success of the Datejust in 1945 led Rolex to produce a women’s version, the Lady-Datejust, in 1957. The date function, automatic winding, and waterproof case were all retained, but the dimensions were reduced by a whole 10mm to offer a more elegant profile.


Rolex Datejust 31, Rolex Datejust 28, and Rolex Datejust 26 all in Steel and Rose Gold
Rolex Datejust 31, Rolex Datejust 28, and Rolex Datejust 26 all in Steel and Rose Gold

The 26mm Lady-Datejust is the smallest version of the Datejust ever made, and it is no longer offered as an option in Rolex’s current catalog. While the Swiss brand no longer makes watches as small as 26mm, there is still a large range of these watches available on the secondary market today. In fact, the SwissWatchExpo website allows you to get anything from a basic steel Lady Datejust to versions made of 18k gold and adorned with diamonds.



Rolex Lady Datejust 28

In 2015, the Lady Datejust followed in the footsteps of much of Rolex’s contemporary offerings and increased in size, reaching 28mm for the first time.

Interestingly, only the 28mm is officially referred to as the Lady-Datejust today, despite the fact that the 31mm and 36mm are all referenced on Rolex’s website under the ‘Women’ section. This represents how much women’s watch sizes have evolved throughout the years.


Rolex President Datejust in Rose Gold


Rolex President Datejust Rose Gold Watches in 31mm, 28mm, and 26mm sizes

There is a huge array of watches in the current 28mm line, with everything from diamond dials and Everose gold to pure stainless steel. Under its hood is the Caliber 2236, which uses silicon “Syloxi” hairsprings that allow for an increased 55-hour power reserve. Sophisticated women adore the Lady-Datejust 28 for its ability to take them effortlessly from the boardroom to the ballroom.



Rolex Midsize Datejust 31

Rolex introduced the midsize Datejust in the 1960s. The Datejust 31 was originally regarded as a unisex watch and hence available in both classic and feminine dial variations.


Rolex Datejust Midsize Steel Rose Gold Goldust Dream Dial 178271
Rolex Datejust Midsize Steel Rose Gold Goldust Dream Dial 178271

It is a mainstay in the Rolex catalog today, specifically under the men’s Datejust category. Due to its smaller size, it is also mostly bought by ladies but it does not take the ‘Lady-Datejust’ moniker.



The Datejust, as Rolex’s most diverse collection, offers a timepiece for any wrist. Explore our collection of Rolex Datejust watches at


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