Rolex Day-Date Platinum Models Buying Guide

Introduced in 1956, the Rolex President Day-Date was the first watch to combine the Perpetual movement and automatic date and day windows. Aside from these then-novel features, the Day-Date quickly established its exclusivity by using only gold and platinum for its construction.

As one of the noblest metals in the world, platinum lends a seamless look, subtle shine, and well-felt presence on the wrist. Rolex has made the glacier blue dial a signature of these watches, and offers variety through dial patterns and diamond embellishments. Let’s take a closer look at the platinum models of the President’s watch:


Rolex President Day-Date 41 Blue Diamond Dial Platinum 218206
Rolex President Day-Date 41 Blue Diamond Dial Platinum 218206


Rolex Day-Date Platinum Diamond Dial and Bezel

The Day-Date is Rolex’s signature status watch and the use of diamonds emphasizes it even more. One has a choice between diamond markers in brilliant cut and baguette shapes with white gold surrounds, while the other has a combination of these with a diamond-set bezel.


Rolex President Day-Date Platinum Ice Blue Dial Diamond 118346
Rolex President Day-Date Platinum Ice Blue Dial Diamond 118346


The ref. 218206 offers all the luxury of a platinum and diamond Rolex while maintaining a sophisticated aesthetic. The dial is the most striking element of this model, which is characterized by a glacier blue hue, a sunburst finish, and baguette and brilliant-cut diamond indices.

Meanwhile, the ref. 118346 is presented in a gorgeous 950 platinum finish and features a complementing ice blue dial topped with baguette and brilliant-cut diamond hour markers and a bezel encrusted with 52 brilliant-cut diamonds. Each precious stone is hand set by an expert Rolex gemologist to ensure that the watch is of the highest quality.



Rolex Day-Date Platinum Baguette Diamonds

Whilst Rolex primarily uses traditional round-cut gemstones, the brand also utilizes baguette diamonds from time to time. The Swiss brand typically incorporates baguettes on the dial to act as hour markers, or on the bezel, where larger gems may be more suited.


Rolex President Day-Date Platinum Ice Blue Dial Diamond Bezel 118366
Rolex President Day-Date Platinum Ice Blue Dial Diamond Bezel 118366


Gem-setters meticulously carve the precious metal to hand-shape the seat into which each gemstone will be perfectly loaded. The stone is painstakingly aligned with the others with the art and craft of a jeweler, then fastened in its gold or platinum setting.

The ref. 118366 features 24 baguette diamonds on the bezel, lodged in pairs. Keeping the focus on the bezel, this is often paired with Roman numeral hour markers, although there are versions of this watch with brilliant cut and baguette diamonds on the dial.


Rolex Day-Date Platinum Ice Blue Dial Fluted Bezel Diamond 128236
Rolex Day-Date Platinum Ice Blue Dial Fluted Bezel Diamond 128236 (photo: Rolex)


Meanwhile, the more recent ref. 128236 features a fluted bezel and a gorgeous blue dial with baguette-cut diamonds, each of which is meticulously selected for clarity and quality before being set onto the dial by an experienced Rolex gemologist.



Rolex Day-Date Platinum Concentric Dial

Produced between 2008 and 2015, the reference 218206 is the 41mm version of the Day-Date, crafted from solid 950 platinum. This variant was retired in 2015 to make way for the newer 40mm model. Officially the largest Day-Date, the 41mm reference is an excellent find for those who prefer a timepiece with a more prominent presence on the wrist.


Rolex President Day-Date II Ice Blue Dial Platinum 218206
Rolex President Day-Date II Ice Blue Dial Platinum 218206


Rolex expertly pairs the platinum construction with a “Glacier” ice blue dial with a concentric pattern on the edges. Irresistibly cool, the watch face also features masculine Roman hour markers in blue with hands to match.



Rolex Day-Date Platinum Fluted Bezel

In 2022, Rolex introduced the platinum Day-Date 36 and 40, for the first time ever, with a fluted bezel. This attribute, which was previously only offered in 18-carat gold, is now available in the most prestigious metal.


Rolex President Day-Date 40 Ice Blue Dial Platinum 228236
Rolex President Day-Date 40 Ice Blue Dial Platinum 228236


The dial is essentially the same as it has always been, with its ice blue sunray finish. Roman numerals are also present on both models, while the 40mm edition has a blued seconds hand and faceted hour markers.

This collection also has a broader selection of dial colors and patterns, including bright blue, icy blue, black, slate olive green, white, silver (set with diamonds), mother of pearl, pink opal, meteorite, and a diamond-paved dial.


Rolex President Day-Date Platinum Diamond Mother of Pearl Dial 128236-0002 /  Rolex President Day-Date Platinum Diamond Pink Opal Dial 128236-0006
Rolex President Day-Date Platinum Diamond Mother of Pearl Dial 128236-0002 /
President Day-Date Platinum Diamond Pink Opal Dial 128236-0006 (photos: Rolex)



Rolex Day-Date Platinum Crisscross Motif Dial

The ref. 228206 is one of the more playful examples of the platinum Day-Date. It debuted in 2015 at Baselworld under a new 40mm size and name, Day-Date 40, and is one of the four watches that replaced the 41mm Day-Date II from 2008.


Rolex President Day-Date 40 Blue Dial Platinum 228206
Rolex President Day-Date 40 Blue Dial Platinum 228206


This edition of the iconic President’s watch features an Oyster case made completely of 950 platinum and polished in-house by the brand’s skilled craftsmen. As a result, it will retain its magnificent shine over time. A smooth bezel lends to the watch’s sophisticated nature.

The key feature of the ref. 228206 is the icy blue dial with a laser-etched criss cross motif. This unique pattern adds a bit of depth and exudes a quiet elegance that makes it perfect for any occasion. Baton hour markers with Chromalight complement the overall design and remain crisp white during the day.



Platinum Rolex Day-Date watches marry exclusivity, durability, and elegance, and are considered prime examples of craftsmanship and mastery. Explore our collection of Rolex Day-Date Platinum watches at


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