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SwissWatchExpo is the leading online retailer of authentic, pre-owned luxury watches. Established in 2009, and headquartered in Atlanta, we are a family owned business serving a global clientele. We proudly offer a curated selection of watches from top brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Breitling and Patek Phillipe.

At SwissWatchExpo, we pride ourselves on providing the very best timepieces available and a personalized, “customer-first” buying experience.

Unlike other online retailers, we carry every watch listed on our site in our Atlanta showroom. The showroom has thousands of watches to choose from, allowing customers to inspect, examine and wear any timepiece before the final purchase—all while being helped by our expert sales staff.

Our website was modeled on the buying experience we provide for customers in-store. Every item on our site is photographed and depicted in showroom condition, providing an experience comparable to examining the watch at our showroom.

We are committed to delivering products in ‘like new’ condition. Each watch we sell is first inspected and—if needed–restored by our expert watchmakers, making an elegant timepiece that will command respect and admiration when worn on your wrist. Our watchmakers’ exacting standards and attention to detail, allow us to offer our watches at a condition that our competitors can’t match. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in the industry, and offer unbeatable prices for the quality of our merchandise.

Our online buying environment is enhanced by real product photos, which simulate the experience of being in the showroom physically examining a timepiece. Every product page on this site features 10 or more high resolution photos–from every possible angle, showing every detail — of the actual watch you will receive when your order is shipped. We photograph each and every timepiece in-house to ensure the highest detail in all representations.

We assure the quality and authenticity of every timepiece, by only selling our own inventory. We do not ‘broker’ watches for outside vendors; instead, we sell only product that we carry in-house.

And we do not sell ‘just any’ timepiece we happen to have in stock. Our expert buyers comb over our collection of pre-owned watches to ensure that only the best brands and models make it to the showroom floor. We invest in hundreds of new watches each month, and update our site daily with our new acquisitions. The end result is a wide variety of choices for the discerning buyer looking for their next masterpiece.

At SwissWatchExpo, watches are our passion. While most other luxury retailers ‘diversify’ across numerous product categories, we specialize exclusively in luxury watches, and that expertise will be apparent throughout your buying experience. We’ve sold thousands of luxury watches to clients around the globe, which gives us the expertise necessary to find just the right item for you.

Our goal, and founding mission, is to be our customers’ most trusted source for pre-owned luxury watches. We put our customers’ interests first, with our sales staff providing individualized product advice and education, so that each shopper leaves with the perfect item for their taste, budget or occasion. Our staff are not paid on commission, so you don’t need to worry about being pressured into a sale. We are motivated by your satisfaction, NOT the amount of money you spend.

We provide the same individual care to our online customers. If you’re ordering online, you can instantly get in touch with our staff by phone, email, or online chat. We believe in providing exceptional quality, unbeatable value and outstanding service to our valued family of customers—whether visiting in-store or online.

We are proud to offer our collection of watches at value prices—sometimes thousands less than you would pay for an equivalent item new. Our global network of dealers and collectors continually search for incredible deals on great watches. As a result, we’re able to offer better prices on premium items than you will find anywhere else.

We deliver our pre-owned watches in such pristine condition that you will be amazed they’re not new. Our guiding conviction is that buying luxury timepieces pre-owned creates the maximum possible value for the consumer. As we like to say, only your wallet will know it’s not new.

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