The Wolf of Wall Street’s Watches

The movie The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) tells the story of Jordan Belfort, a banker and stock broker who became embroiled in financial fraud and a life of excess.

The over-the-top experiences of Belfort, plus the antics in the black comedy film, are enough to keep you hooked for its three-hour run — but the fantastic watches sure make for some distracting moments.

Here’s a rundown of the watches in the movie:


Rolex GMT Master 18K Yellow Gold Mens Watch 16718

Leonardo DiCaprio played Belfort, the titular Wolf whose life of non-stop partying and eventual downfall was depicted in the film. DiCaprio sported several watches in the movie, but one that really stood out was a yellow gold piece with a black dial, which his character threw onto the crowd.

TAG Heuer 1000 Gold Watches

Most watch enthusiasts would bet it’s a vintage, 18k yellow gold Rolex GMT Master with a Jubilee bracelet, and it very well could have been — except DiCaprio is a Tag Heuer ambassador. What he actually wore was a watch obviously inspired by it: the Tag Heuer 1000 Series, which has been discontinued since 1992.




Rolex Datejust 36 Steel Yellow Gold Champagne Dial Vintage Mens Watch 16013

Matthew McConaughey played Belfort’s boss, Mark Hanna, in the film who introduces the Wolf to the world of insane wealth. In one of the most memorable scenes in the movie, he teaches Belfort the “Wall Street chant” over lunch. Look closely and you’ll spot a 90s Rolesor Rolex Datejust with a Jubilee bracelet.





Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays Jordan Belfort, is seen wearing at least two Tag Heuer watches in the film: a Tag Heuer 2000 Exclusive and Tag Heuer Professional 1000 Series.



Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Yellow Gold Black Dial Mens Watch 116528

Jonah Hill played Donnie Azoff, a characted based on Jordan Belfort’s real-life business partner and friend. He was alongside the main character as they both lived a non-stop party lifestyle that generated so much cash. Of course, he wore a key Rolex timepiece – an 18k yellow gold, black dialed Rolex Cosmograph Daytona to be exact.




IWC Big Pilots 46mm Black Dial Automatic Steel Mens Watch IW500401

For a movie about high-powered stock brokers, The Wolf of Wall Street really delivered on the wrist candy. Its director Martin Scorsese is a Rolex ambassador and long-time watch enthusiast so it comes as no surprise. Aside from watches worn by the main characters, you’ll also spot a few IWC Big Pilot watches among the supporting cast.

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