How to Spot a Fake Omega Watch

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Without a doubt, Omega is one of the most popular and coveted brands in the watch industry. Well loved for its exceptional craftsmanship, advanced mechanisms, and illustrious heritage, just about any watch collector wants an Omega watch.

This popularity can come with a drawback, however. The great demand for Omega watches also means they are a favorite among counterfeiters. While it is always best to have your Omega watch authenticated at authorized dealers, there are elements you can look for to avoid falling for the trap of a fake Omega watch.


If you’re in the market for an Omega watch, here are some ways to ensure you’re getting an original:


Omega Speedmaster Brown Dial Exhibition Moon Watch 311.
Omega Speedmaster Brown Dial Exhibition Moon Watch 311.

1. Always buy from a reputable dealer.

Your best defense against buying a fake Omega is to get your watch from an established dealer. This will ensure that you only have genuine watches to choose from. Here are some qualities you should look for:

A wide presence online, with lots of real reviews and customer testimonials.

Affiliations with respected watch organizations, such as The International Watch & Jewelry Guild, or the American Watchmakers & Clockmakers Institute.

A certificate of authenticity and warranties on the watch. This means that they have inspected the product before listing; and stand behind the product they are selling.

They would also be open with you taking the watch to Omega or to an authorized dealer, for authentication.


2. Know your desired Omega watch inside and out.

If you already have an Omega watch in mind, doing your research beforehand and knowing the watch down to the most minute details will help you spot a fake more easily. In the following sections, we’ll show you which parts to look at.


Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Midsize Titanium Watch
Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Midsize Titanium Watch

3. Inspect the dial.

As sophisticated as some counterfeiters may be, they still make mistakes. Check for any errors on the watch, such as spelling and engraving mistakes, which are quick giveaways. When you inspect the dial, also be sure to check for the following:

OMEGA LOGO – check the design of your desired Omega watch. In some cases, the Omega logo is a piece of metal attached on the dial, in some cases it is painted on the dial.

LUME – the hands and markers of Omega watches are equipped with reflective material for better legibility. Try inspecting the watch in the dark for about 15 minutes. A replica may still have lume, but it will not be as bright as an original Omega watch.

DATE COMPLICATION – This is one of the hardest elements to replicate because Omega watches use different kinds of magnification. Check that the date window is aligned to the center of the dial and that the numbers are stamped perfectly.


Omega Speedmaster First In Space Sedna Gold Watch 311.
Omega Speedmaster First In Space Sedna Gold Watch 311.

4. Check the construction.

Aside from the dial, Omega watches also have distinguishing features on the rest of the watch’s body; and counterfeiters usually do not replicate these extraneous features to save on production costs.

SERIAL NUMBERS – Each Omega watch has a seven or eight digit number that is unique to the watch. Check that it corresponds with the serial numbers of the exact model you desire. Check the placement as well — on vintage models, it is engraved on the inside of the case back, while modern models will have it engraved on the bottom of the lugs.

CROWN and HELIUM VALVE – Divers watches, such as Omega Seamaster divers or Planet Ocean watches, will have a helium valve on the side of the case that hits at 10 o’clock. The crown position of the watch should also match the one on your desired model.

CASE BACK – depending on the model, an Omega watch can have a transparent case back that shows the movement inside or a solid metal case back with an Omega emblem and some words engraved. Also check that these match your desired model.


Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph Watch 329.
Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph Watch 329.

5. Check the functions.

Omega watches are equipped with Swiss movements. This means that the seconds hand moves in a smooth, fluid motion, instead of stuttering along. There should also be no ticking sound if the watch is powered by a mechanical movement.

Lastly, try adjusting the time on the watch. When you pull up the crown to adjust the time, the seconds hand should stop together with the minute and hour hands, to ensure the accuracy of the time. If it continues to move, then it is a counterfeit.






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