Behold, The Engagement Watch

engagement watch

Weddings have evolved greatly; and they continue to change. With wedding season upon us, we’re bound to see many nuptial traditions being shaken up.

For one, the pandemic had everyone opting for intimate Zoom weddings or abandoning ceremonies completely. In this time of increasing gender equality, we’ve also seen more and more women popping the question. These developments have given rise to a new nuptial trend: the engagement watch.

While more couples are swapping the traditional diamond solitaire for a classic timepiece, the engagement watch is still the exception rather than the norm. If you’re a modern couple who loves watches, here’s how you can hop on this alternative proposal trend.


The Merits of the Engagement Watch

Giving engagement watches is a fairly new practice, with web searches and press coverage tracing back to 2016. The practice has grown more popular in recent years because of several reasons.

First is that women are growing more interested in watches — even donning pieces that were traditionally made for men. Women who are into watches, or want a more functional piece that is also beautiful and meaningful, tend to express their preference for a shiny new watch over a diamond ring.


On him: Rolex Submariner Steel Mens Watch / On her: Rolex Datejust Steel Everose Gold
On him: Rolex Submariner Steel Mens Watch / On her: Rolex Datejust Steel Everose Gold


It’s not just women who are receiving engagement watches, too. With more and more women choosing to propose to their partners, it only makes sense for them to do so with watches, as these tend to be more of a wardrobe staple for men than rings are.

Engagement watches are also often given by women to their partners as a way to reciprocate an engagement ring – a way to express their “Yes!” and commitment with the same sense of generosity.



Choosing an Engagement Watch

So what makes an ideal engagement watch? Much like an engagement ring, it symbolizes a couple’s history together, and the beginning of a family. They’re for keeps, just like your union. This symbolism often drives the giver of the engagement watch to choose a piece that is timeless rather than faddish.


Omega Constellation Steel MOP Diamond Dial Watch
Omega Constellation Steel MOP Diamond Dial Watch


For women, we suggest going for pieces that pair well with daytime and evening festivities alike. Iconic pieces such as the Lady Datejust, the Cartier Tank, Cartier Panthere, and the Omega Constellation will fit in her wardrobe rotation well after the last dance.

Future brides also tend to want both a watch and some sparkle, so we suggest pieces with those all-important diamonds – usually placed around the bezel, lugs, center links and hour markers.


Rolex Submariner Steel Yellow Gold Mens Watch
Rolex Submariner Steel Yellow Gold Mens Watch


Meanwhile, every man tends to have a dream watch or a “holy grail” watch – a timepiece that they’ve had their eye on for a while. The engagement watch is a gift that your future husband can wear on the wedding day, and every day after, so it’s well worth the splurge. It’s also customary for men to pass on their timepiece to their sons, so you can also think of it as an heirloom piece.

When buying a watch for the groom, you can’t go wrong with iconic sport pieces like the Rolex Submariner and GMT-Master, while quintessential dress watches like the Patek Philippe Calatrava and Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso are timeless and engravable options. If you’re after a heritage piece that won’t break the bank, the Omega Speedmaster is the perfect choice.



The Wedding Watch


His and hers Rolex Submariner Steel Mens Watch
His and hers Rolex Submariner Steel Mens Watch


Something that has been practiced for longer is the wedding watch, where the bride and groom give each other timepieces as gifts for their wedding day. While some couples simply get the watch that their partner has requested for, many couples do take it a step further by getting matching and complementary watches.


His and Hers Rolex President Datejust and Rolex President Day-Date Tridor Watches
His and Hers Rolex President Datejust and Rolex President Day-Date Tridor Watches


His-and-her watches are very rarely sold as pairs. Thus for wedding watches, there is typically a larger and more masculine “his” version” and a typically smaller and more decorative version for her — but this doesn’t stop couples from getting the same exact watch, especially now that women wear men’s sized watches.

The fun part comes in selecting a duo of watches that each party can enjoy as individuals. This further demonstrates the importance and power of truly versatile watch designs.



Engagement and wedding watches are beautiful ways to celebrate these important milestones, and for couples to constantly remind themselves of the promise to spend a lifetime together. Explore our wide selection of luxury watches for men and women at





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