Rolex Everose Gold Sport Watches

Rose gold has been a part of the Rolex line-up since the very beginning, its warmth lending itself perfectly to the timeless designs of the brand.

In 2005, the creation of Rolex’s foundry allowed the brand to produce their very own rose gold alloy – the Everose. Mixed with platinum, the Everose retains its lustrous glow for long, even after exposure to elements that cause standard rose gold to fade over time.

With this development, Rolex was able to expand the use of rose gold into their harder wearing watches. Let’s take a look at the Rolex sport watches that have emerged in Everose gold.


Daytona Everose
Rolex Daytona



The Rolex Daytona was the first sport watch from the brand to be made in Everose gold. The first iteration was introduced in 2008 with the ref 116505. It featured a solid Everose finish from the Oyster case and tachymeter bezel to the Oyster bracelet. It was offered with a range of dial colors including pink, ivory, chocolate brown, and black.

In 2011, Rolex debuted the first Daytona to come with a Cerachrom bezel; and the Everose gold version was selected for this milestone. To match the black ceramic bezel, it was equipped with an elegant leather strap. By 2018, the strap was replaced by the Oysterflex rubber strap.



Rolex Sky-Dweller



In 2012, Rolex introduced their first entirely new watch in two decades – the Rolex Sky-Dweller. While not emphatically a tool watch like the Submariner, Daytona or GMT-Master, the Sky-Dweller is a highly-functional watch with a dual time and annual calendar, designed with frequent travelers in mind.

The first batch of Rolex Sky-Dweller watches came in solid 18k yellow, white, and Everose. While the yellow and white gold versions were offered with precious metal bracelets, the Everose version was paired with a tobacco brown leather strap to match the chocolate brown dial.

In 2014, the Everose gold Sky-Dweller was introduced with a matching Everose gold bracelet, giving fans the option to choose between a leather or metal strap. By 2020, the leather strap option was discontinued to make way for the Oysterflex rubber strap.



Yachtmaster Everose
Rolex Yachtmaster in Everose and Steel Everose Gold



The next watch to receive the gold alloy treatment was the Yacht-Master. In 2015, Rolex launched the ref 116655, which was not only the first Yacht-Master in Everose gold, but also the first to come with a Cerachrom bezel and an Oysterflex strap. This model continues to be produced in a 40mm version and a smaller 37mm case size.


Yachtmaster Everose
Rolex Yachtmaster in Steel Everose Gold


In 2016, Rolex introduced a Rolesor Everose version of the Yacht-Master, which combines stainless steel with Everose gold. The Everose gold elements are featured on the center links and on the bezel with polished numerals on a sandblasted background.

It’s also important to note that while the larger Yacht-Master II has not been rendered in full Everose gold, it has an Everose Rolesor version that was introduced in 2011.



GMT Everose
Rolex GMT Master II



The Rolex GMT-Master II is the latest Rolex sports watch to be built in Everose gold. In Baselworld 2018, Rolex unveiled two versions of the GMT-Master II that first used the rose gold alloy – a pure Everose gold version and another in Everose Rolesor.


GMT Everose
Rolex GMT Master II in Steel Everose Gold


These watches also present the first instance of the GMT-Master II with a brown and black Ceramic bezel. The colorway has not been used in the GMT-Master collection before, but Rolex fans have taken to calling it the new Rolex “Rootbeer” due to its resemblance to the popular vintage model.



With the long-lasting color of the Rolex Everose gold, these watches will keep their exceptional sheen even in the roughest situations. Explore our collection at







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