Panerai Submersible Collection : A Deep Dive

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The Panerai Submersible collection forms the brand’s family of purpose-built dive watches. While Panerai has deep roots in making dive watches, having been the official watchmaker of the Italian Navy, Submersible watches were built to meet today’s standards for professional dive watches.

Boasting an unmistakable military appeal, the timepiece is also home to many of the brand’s innovations – from ample water resistance ratings to the use of cutting-edge materials. Here’s a closer look into the Panerai Submersible collection and its key models:


Panerai Submersible BMG-TECH PAM00692
Panerai Submersible BMG-TECH PAM00692


A Brief History of the Panerai Submersible Line

Panerai’s history of making dive watches goes back to 1936 when Italy’s Royal Navy commissioned the brand to build watches for their frogmen. The timepieces had to be big, durable, and visible in low light conditions, especially in great depths of waters in which they were to be used.

In 1998, inspired by their history of creating capable divers, Panerai launched the Submersible under the Luminor family, featuring a 300-meter depth rating and a high-contrast dial. It also has a cushion-shaped case and a crown-protecting bridge that shields the crown against impacts and prevents water from reaching the movement within.


Panerai Submersible 1950 Carbotech 3 Days PAM00616
Panerai Submersible 1950 Carbotech 3 Days PAM00616


However, instead of sporting a smooth bezel, the Submersible has a rotating one that calculates the duration of the dive and clicks precisely after a minute and in just one direction. This is crucial for divers as it keeps the reading of the dive duration accurate.

In 2019, the Submersible became a standalone series and expanded to the use of high-tech materials such as titanium, AISI 316L stainless steel, BMG-Tech™, and Carbotech™, and precious metals like red gold and bronze



Key Models in the Panerai Submersible Line

Panerai Submersible Bronzo

Introduced in 2011, the Submersible Bronzo is a charming take on the classic Submersible. It is made from bronze – an alloy of copper and pure tin, and a material not often used in watches. Panerai chose this material not only for its resistance to the corrosive elements of seawater and other atmospheric agents but also for its strong character.


Panerai Submersible 1950 3-Day Bronzo PAM00671
Panerai Submersible 1950 3-Day Bronzo PAM00671


Due to the patina that forms over time, this watch has a charming aged look that’s simply irresistible. Its dial comes in brown, olive green, or blue, which channels the hues of the ocean. Its design was made more striking with the addition of a 3-day power reserve.

In 2019, Panerai launched a new edition with a brown ceramic bezel and a titanium caseback, which provides a more modern look. The brand produces 1,000 Submersible Bronzos only each year, adding to its allure.



Panerai Submersible Titanio

One of the most versatile Submersibles, the Automatic Titanio is made from titanium, a lightweight and hypoallergenic metal often used by the military. This material makes for the watch’s comfortable hours-long wear, despite its massive 47mm case.


Panerai Submersible Titanio 3 Days PAM01305
Panerai Submersible Titanio 3 Days PAM01305


Boasting a brushed finish, its Panerai 1950-style case has a bulky yet attractive appeal and downward sloping lugs that offer a good fit on the wrist. The luminous elements on the dial provide legibility, while the thick rubber strap ties the look together.


Panerai Submersible 1950 Amagnetic

The titanium Submersible also comes in an anti-magnetic version: the 1950 Amagnetic 3 Days Automatic Titanio. Possessing equal parts brawn and beauty, this watch measures 47mm and features a black ceramic bezel ring.

Rather than big lume plots, the Submersible Amagnetic has baton indices that contrast well against the black dial. The recessed interval markers and large lume pip at 12 help with better reading.


Panerai Submersible 1950 Amagnetic Titanio PAM01389
Panerai Submersible 1950 Amagnetic Titanio PAM01389


Inside lies its true marvel: a self-winding movement that is safely ensconced behind a soft iron Faraday cage, giving it high resistance to magnetic fields. Notably, the 1950 Amagnetic can withstand magnetic fields up to 40,000 A/m, which is eight times greater than the requirements set by International Standards.



Panerai Submersible 1950 Carbotech

Introduced in 2015, the Submersible 1950 Carbotech marked the introduction of novel case material for its diving watches – the Carbotech™.  This is Panerai’s take on carbon fiber, which is lighter than titanium and stronger than steel.


Panerai Submersible 1950 Carbotech 3 Days PAM00616
Panerai Submersible 1950 Carbotech 3 Days PAM00616


The binding of the fibers gives the watch’s case an unrepeatable camouflage effect and a blacked-out look that is complemented by gold and vibrant blue accents in the dial and bezel markers. Comfortable wear is achieved through a black rubber strap with a DLC titanium buckle.



Panerai Submersible BMG-Tech

In 2020, Panerai another innovative material for their Submersible cases: the BMG-Tech™, which stands for “bulk metallic glass.” This component has constituent elements including zirconium, copper, aluminum, titanium, and nickel and is made of tough metallic glass.

Like steel, this glass-like alloy also preserves the watch’s appearance, while delivering enhanced performance in the form of lighter weight and better scratch resistance.


Panerai Submersible BMG-TECH PAM00692
Panerai Submersible BMG-TECH PAM00692


All BMG-Tech watches provide a one-two punch by combining BMG-Tech with a Carbotech bezel and blue luminous accents on the hands, dial, and bezel.



The Submersible collection solidifies Panerai’s status as one of the most inventive and practical watchmakers today. Explore our selection of Panerai Submersible watches at


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