Blue Rolex Submariner Watches, As Seen on Stars

The practical origins of the Rolex Submariner is famous in the watch world. As sea exploration and professional diving developed in the 1950s, the Sub was launched as a hard-wearing tool watch that looks good enough for everyday wear.

Today, the Rolex Submariner is still built tough for the ocean, while being a stylish symbol of luxury and prestige. Among the most popular ones are those in radiant blue hues, which can be easily paired with any ensemble. Looking to own a blue Rolex Sub? Take your cue from these stars who love their Blue Rolex Submariners:


Rolex Submariner Yellow Gold Blue Dial Ceramic Bezel Mens Watch 116618

Rolex Submariner Yellow Gold Blue Dial 116618

Nothing says nautical elegance quite like a solid 18k gold Rolex Submariner as seen on Macklemore. The ref. 116618 hails from the first generation of 6-digit Submariners and is the first from the line to feature a ceramic bezel and a Maxi dial.


Measuring about 40mm, the watch also has a Super Case, characterized by broader lugs and larger crown guards, and is notable for being the first all-gold edition of the 6-digit Sub. It combines the precious metal with a sunburst blue dial and bezel.

The ref. 116688 was recently discontinued to make way for the 41mm ref. 126618 but its status as a gold Rolex makes it highly collectible. Photo from Clean Cause on Instagram



Rolex Submariner Steel Yellow Gold Blue Dial Mens Watch 116613

Rolex Submariner “Bluesy” Steel Yellow Gold Blue Dial Bezel 16613 and 116613

For those who seek something more understated, a two-tone steel and yellow gold Rolex Submariner is perfect – just ask Queen Latifah and Russell Wilson. They wear two different editions of the “Bluesy” Submariner – ref. 16613 for Queen Latifah, and the newer ref. 116613 for Russell.


The former is part of the final generation of Submariner models to include the classic-style cases with more tapered lugs, with the ref. 11661x introducing the Super Case with significantly altered proportions.

The ref. 16613’s dial is a little more unique than your average blue dial. Instead of uniformly flat shading across the surface, the watch’s face has a sunburst effect that gives the blue a shimmering iridescence and an ever-changing tone. Meanwhile, the ref. 116613 comes with a solid and vibrant blue dial. You can’t go wrong with either choice! Photos from Entertainment Tonight and Queen Latifah on Twitter




Rolex Submariner Smurf White Gold Blue Dial Bezel Watch 116619

Rolex Submariner “Smurf” White Gold Blue Dial Bezel 116619

If a stealthier luxury watch suits your taste better, look no further than the Submariner “Smurf”, as seen on Gordon Ramsay and John Mayer. This white gold ref. 116619LB is also known as the Submariner “Smurf” due to its brilliant blue bezel and dial, which contrasts well with the white metal case and bracelet.


A closer look at this watch shows that the materials used for it are top-notch. The Rolex-forged 18k white gold exterior has a satin and high-polished appearance, while the blue Cerachrom ceramic bezel insert and matching Maxi dial come in a glossy, lacquered finish. The result is a contemporary tool watch that is both functional and fashion-forward and will appeal to any serious pre-owned Rolex collector. Photo from Gordon Ramsay on Twitter



Rolex Submariner "Cookie Monster" Blue Bezel Black Dial 126619LB

Rolex Submariner “Cookie Monster” Blue Bezel Black Dial 126619LB

Mark Wahlberg is always one of the first to cop the newest Rolex watches, and he did so with the latest Submariner. He wears the newer sibling of the “Smurf”, the ref. 126619LB, introduced in 2020. This 41mm edition retains the 18k white gold finish and a blue Cerachrom bezel, but this time paired with a black dial.

Collectors have started calling the ref. 126619LB the ‘Cookie Monster’, referencing the bright blue fur and large black mouth found on the beloved Sesame Street character. The watch is very similar to the old Rolex GMT-Master called the ‘Blueberry,’ which features a black face and a blue bezel. Photos from Christie’s and Mark Wahlberg on Instagram


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