How to Clean Your Watch


You spent so much time, research and money to get the watch (or watches) you have today – and so we truly understand if you would like to wear it every day. Dirt and scratches, however, are a fact of life if you want to enjoy your wrist watch.

With the smallest (and consistent) bit of care, you can ensure that your watch will perform and look like new every time you wear it. Here are essential steps to keeping your watch in tip top shape:

While Swiss watches are made to the highest quality, there are some elements that may damage the watch over time, and some steps that are best left to experts.
* Never shake a watch that is not working – it may damage the movement. Instead, gently rock it back and forth.
* Never attempt to open or polish the watch by yourself. The tools you use may scratch the case and caseback. Leave this task to the professionals.
* If you are not sure whether the watch is waterproof, do not get it wet.
If you see any sign of water or condensation under the crystal, take it to a professional immediately.

The best way to keep your watch in tiptop shape is to keep it consistently clean. At the end of each day, take a few minutes to wipe down the watch with a soft cloth before retiring it at night. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight, and away from direct contact with things that may scratch it – like wood, metal or even its own bracelet.

For periodical washing, all you’ll need are a bowl of warm water with mild dishwashing soap, a soft-bristled brush and a soft lint-free cloth.

STEP 1: Make sure the crown is tightly screwed to the case before you begin. If your watch is NOT waterproof – remove the band or bracelet from the watch case, and wash only the bracelet.

STEP 2: If your bracelet is steel, rubber or NATO, proceed to dip it in the bowl of warm soapy water for 15 – 20 seconds. Do not dip the watch case, even if it is waterproof.

STEP 3: Take the soft-bristled brush, dip it in the soapy water, and very lightly scrub the band, especially along the crevices. Do the same for the watch case, taking care not to rub too hard.

STEP 4: Rinse the band and case in clean water once all the dirt is removed. Take the cloth and gently wipe down the watch, ensuring that no moisture is left.

STEP 5: Once the watch is completely dry, put the bracelet back together with the case. Store in a dry place, away from sunlight.

For leather bracelets:
Contact with moisture can damage leather bracelets, so do not wash them. Use a leather cleaner and a soft, dry cloth instead. Test the leather cleaner on a small part of the bracelet to test for discoloration, and on a small part of your wrist to test for allergies.


Your newly-cleaned watch will stay gleaming for much longer if you follow these steps:* Wipe off your watch every night to avoid build up from sweat and dirt.

* When applying lotion, cologne, perfume and the like, avoid contact with your watch.

* When you’re not wearing your watch, store it in a watch box, away from sunlight.

* Wear it often! It will help your watch keep accurate time as the motion winds the movement.

* Have it serviced by a professional every few years.

When in doubt, send your watch to the pros! Swiss Watch Expo offers watch maintenance and repair services, performed by an elite staff of proficient horologists. See details.




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