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Successful Synergy: How Collaborations Have Shaped the Watch World

"Watch collaborations are definitely the biggest trend in the industry today," said Eugene Tutunikov, CEO of SwissWatchExpo.

"It has surpassed the trend of vintage reissues, where brands dig into their archives and breathe new life to their designs. The increasing popularity of watch collaborations means one thing: watchmakers are becoming more and more willing to give others creative license over their timepieces."

Are Mid-Tier Luxury Watch Brands on the Rise in the Pre-Owned Market?

"Eugene Tutunikov (SwissWatchExpo): We have seen tremendous demand for mid-tier luxury watches this year but less of a price increase as we are still able to source supply without increasing our prices and maintaining our margins. Cartier watches have been a standout for us this year, specifically vintage and neo-vintage ones from the 1990s. On top of that, smaller-size men’s watches >38mm are also seeing strong demand."

"During the height of the market, there were too many consumers wanting the “hot” watch and now consumers are going back to finding a watch that resonates with them at a good value. It’s a more logical approach to luxury watch shopping."

Remember the holiday season of 2021? Pre-owned watch dealers sure do.

"Consumers wanted to buy holiday gifts,” Eugene Tutunikov, CEO of SwissWatchExpo, an online watch re-seller based in Atlanta, recalls. “They were flush with cash because they weren’t going out to eat or traveling. There was a limited amount of products. Interactions with our sales team became much shorter. They’d even forget to ask the price."

In Men’s Watches, the Last Frontier: Ladies’ Watches

"Eugene Tutunikov, CEO of SwissWatchExpo, one of the largest U.S. retailers of preowned watches, attests that an increasing number of men search for accessory watches with "gem sets, diamonds and rubies."

"For a lot of men, it’s their way to express their creativity and being different if they don’t wear any other types of jewelry," he said

Tutunikov had one idea for watch brands to increase market share. While women have long been amenable to wearing an oversize men’s Rolex, he said when men look at a watch and he tells them it’s a women’s timepiece, they are suddenly uncomfortable buying it. "I guarantee you we would be selling more ladies’ watches to men if they were labeled unisex," he said."

Rolex Certified Pre-Owned Watch Program Debuts In U.S.: What You Need To Know

"The rollout of the Rolex Certified Pre-Owned program further bolsters the secondary market," said Eugene Tutunikov of luxury watch marketplace SwissWatchExpo

"A few of us larger players in the pre-owned space have a stellar reputation in terms of both authentication and service, but some consumers will pay the premium to get the Rolex rubber stamp on the product pre purchase,” he said, noting that some consumers will stick with dealers they know and trust, rather than the Rolex program."

A Prospective Look at the Pre-Owned Luxury Watch Market in the Post-Pandemic Age

"Tutunikov of SwissWatchExpo notes that “the pre-owned watch market is projected to account for nearly half of the total watch market by the end of the decade” based on reports. He says with confidence that we’ll likely see more players in the segments based on this encouraging performance, along with expectations that “brands will capitalize on the pre-owned watch market.”

“With these developments, the pre-owned watch market is going to become more competitive and diverse,” said the CEO."

Eugene Tutunikov | Timeless and Everlasting: What Makes a Watch Tick

"A family-owned business, SwissWatchExpo isn’t your average timepiece boutique, unless the said shop also has 2,500 to 3,000 watches available at any given moment ready to ship. Boasting the largest inventory of Rolexes in the country, they aren’t the average luxury watch retailer either. He shares, "At SwissWatchExpo, we really treat our customers like family. We are motivated by their satisfaction and not the amount of money they spend."

Sales is a Trust Game: Interview with Eugene Tutunikov, CEO of SwissWatchExpo

"Sales is a trust game; your customer needs to trust you that you are guiding them to their best choice. That can only be true if it is true.

We build a long-term relationship with our clients, and then it no longer really feels like “sales,” more like helping a friend.

We currently carry around 3,000 watches in inventory, which is one of the largest in the world and the prices range from $3,000 to $100,000+ per watch. Having that variety allows us to build lasting relationships and be a part of our clients’ lives."

Online Retailer, Swiss Watch Expo, Witnesses Continued Growth In Pre-Owned Watch Market

"According to Eugene Tutunikov, CEO of the family- operated Swiss Watch Expo, the store is stocking more watches than ever, hiring more people and witnessing an increase in sales. In 2022, sales reached $80 million, up 30 percent over the previous year.

“I am expecting sales of $100 million within two years”, said Tutunikov. “This year might be hard to hit that number but it is possible if the global economy and demand boom in the second half of the year.”"

Why Swiss Watches Are Held Hostage During Divorce Proceedings

"Three years is indeed a long time, and as Eugene Tutunikov, co–owner and CEO of the online pre-owned Swiss watch retailer Swiss Watch Expo, mused, “Time literally is money, especially when Swiss watches are held hostage.”"

What to Watch: Menswear Executives Weigh In on First-Half Opportunities

"SwissWatchExpo is one of the largest digital-first retailers of pre-owned luxury watches. We carry an inventory of over 3,000 pieces for sale, and are fully vertically integrated with sales, operations, marketing, authentication of watches, service/repair of watches, and polishing all done under one roof

We have built our business on the values of variety, transparency and reliability. These same values will continue to lead to our growth in 2023.

We are seeing more consumers looking to shop pre-owned, our specialty, many doing it for the first time. They enjoy the variety it offers, the savings it offers, and sustainability. Rolex has announced their own certified pre-owned program launch, which will have a lot of marketing around it in 2023, so I expect the pre-owned consumer interest to only increase. Given we are the masters in the pre-owned watch market, this a welcome wind at our sails."

SwissWatchExpo predicts Rolex certified pre-owned program will boost demand and prices

"I think it will drive demand for pre-owned Rolex watches from consumers, as now the authorized dealer network will be a buyer of these timepieces. This adds extra demand which will lead to more price stability and potentially appreciation,” Tutunikov suggests. “More people will be willing to buy a preowned watch, knowing there will now be more places they can sell it or trade it in. This is good news for everyone involved."

What Watch Industry Experts Think of Rolex's New Certified Pre-Owned Program

"I think the news is overall really good for the pre-owned space. While the reluctance to shop pre-owned has come down in recent years, we still often hear people say they aren’t willing to buy a preowned watch, or their wife wouldn’t accept one as a gift," Tutunikov says. "Rolex will add credibility to the entire space and take pre-owned even more mainstream than it is now."

9 Watches To Give Adventure Lovers This Holiday

"If you’re taking your watch on adventures, factors such as superior water resistance, robust materials and long-lasting luminescence are important to look for,” said Eugene Tutunikov, CEO of SwissWatchExpo, an Atlanta-based pre-owned luxury watch retailer. “To get the most out of your investment, you’d also want to look for an outdoor watch that’s stylish and comfortable enough to wear every day."

Luxury watch buying guide: Everything a first-time buyer needs to know before investing in a timepiece for themselves or a special gift

"CEO of second-hand luxury watch retailer SwissWatchExpo, Eugene Tutunikov, believes 'a watch is an essential accessory for the well-dressed man and woman."

The Best Pre-Owned Luxury Watches To Buy Now

"Well-preserved watches from legacy timepiece brands including Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Omega are also proving to be smart investments for the horologically-obsessed. With that in mind, we tapped Eugene Tutunikov, founder of pre-owned luxury watch emporium SwissWatchExpo, for his top investment-worthy watches to buy now. "

Fear of Theft Has Some Watch Fans Leaving Their Best at Home

"Eugene Tutunikov, chief executive of the Atlanta-based luxury reseller SwissWatchExpo, said he was careful about where he wore some of his own watches, which included a rose gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.

“You never know who saw you walk in,” he noted, “or what’s going to happen when you leave the restaurant or go to the garage.”

Mr. Tutunikov said sales for luxury watches had continued to be brisk, but he acknowledged that many of his clients had become concerned about theft. “We are seeing a lot of people that are scared to buy watches with diamonds, watches that are made of precious metals, because they really jump out at any potential criminals,” he said."

7 Watches For Your Summer Adventures

"Do you need to bring different timepieces for all your activities? Not according to Eugene Tutunikov, CEO of SwissWatchExpo, an Atlanta-based luxury watch retailer. “All you need is one watch that will suit a variety of situations,” he says.

Whether your summer jaunt features the sun, the sea or the slopes, these watches will add a dose of chic to your ensemble so you can maximize your vacation time."

7 Watches For Your Summer Adventures

"If there’s one accessory to pack for your summer travels, make it a watch. Both stylish and functional, a watch ensures you arrive on time and in style.

Do you need to bring different timepieces for all your activities? Not according to Eugene Tutunikov, CEO of SwissWatchExpo, an Atlanta-based luxury watch retailer. “All you need is one watch that will suit a variety of situations,” he says."

Prices on the Luxury Watch Market Are in Flux, But Dealers Say Business Is Better Than Ever

"Eugene Tutunikov, CEO and founder of SwissWatchExpo, a pre-owned watch dealer based in Atlanta, said the correction was both healthy and anticipated. “The Fed just hiked rates for the second time by 0.75 percent, and this hike being expected for some time led some of the hot air to come out of the prices of the hottest watches,” Tutunikov tells Robb Report. "

HOT 100 AMERICAN TRAILBLAZERS: Eugene Tutunikov — SwissWatchExpo

"If Eugene was terrified by what the pandemic was throwing at him, it didn’t show. In fact, he confidently predicted that 2020 would be a record year. How right he was. Within weeks of the first lock down, demand bounced back and then started to rise vertiginously, particularly for the sort of waiting-list unicorn watches that SwissWatchExpo specializes in."

Second Time Around

"While authorized dealers only carry the current collections from their brands, going pre-owned means you have a much wider selection to explore, from vintage models and discontinued styles to limited and special editions,” says Eugene Tutunikov, CEO of “Most traditional retailers only carry the current production of a few brands, but at SwissWatchExpo, we typically carry a selection from over 20 brands, aged anywhere from current production to 40 years old. The top brands our customers are currently buying are Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Breitling, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet."

A Guide for Gifting the Moms in Your Life

"Looking to fill Mother’s Day with blooming hues of rose gold? If so, the Cartier Tank Anglaise Rose Gold Silver Dial Diamond Ladies watch may be the perfect choice for your beloved mother. With a sophisticated burgundy leather strap and a crown set with a diamond, this watch is sure to give elegance and grace to your mother’s special day."

Where to buy the best second-hand watches with guarantees

"While most of our watches are modern, we also offer vintage (up to 85 years old) and newer releases (from 2021 to 2022),” says Tutunikov, CEO of SwissWatchExpo."

SwissWatchExpo Ultimate Guide to the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

"The Rolex Daytona celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2023, and fans are growing curious about how The Crown will celebrate this occasion. In the meantime, let’s brush up on our Rolex Daytona knowledge with the help of SwissWatchExpo’s ultimate guide."

How to Buy a Vintage Watch Online: The Best and Biggest Retailers

"The company displays almost every watch listed on its site in its Atlanta showroom, which also serves as the e-commerce distribution center, where customers can inspect prospective purchases up close before buying. Each timepiece is photographed in its actual condition—a rarity for a selection of this size—which means browsing the website is essentially a tour of the actual showcases, so there are no surprises."

A Sneak Peek Inside John Mayer's Insane Watch Collection

"One of the first people to purchase this Rolex Daytona, John Mayer purchased the first watch by Rolex that was a steel Daytona with a Cerachrom bezel. It has become one of Rolex's most sought-after watches and is a difficult find. The cost of the Daytona Ceramic is $37,390, as noted by the Swiss Watch Expo."

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: The Sweetest Red Accessories To Warm Her Heart

"The Cartier Tortue is a timeless classic. After the Tank and Santos, the Tortue was Cartier’s third watch, and a far more curvy, feminine design than the first two. SwissWatchExpo is known today for the exceptional buying experience they provide to customers both in-store and online. What sets them apart from other luxury watch retailers, is that all the watches they sell are in stock and ready to ship. "

How Swiss Watches Help You Make The Most Of Your Life And Times

"Time is the fundamental currency of life,” says Eugene Tutunikov, CEO of the online e-tailer, which typically carries 2,500 watches in its inventory. “Our sales staff is finding that many of the men and women we serve rely on their watches for living healthier and happier lives."

Prestige, Pre-owned Swiss watches are ticking along online for Holiday time

"This writer quizzed Eugene Tutunikov, CEO of, the Atlanta-based pre-owned prestige watch e-tailer. While the family-owned firm also has an Atlanta showroom, it typically maintains an inventory of 3,000 timepieces and updates new arrivals to the site on an hourly basis."

Second-hand Mania

"Speaking recently, the CEO of, Eugene Tutunikov, described the opportunity in the secondary market as “massive, although extremely fragmented. When you have a market this size in which the top five players combined comprise well under 10% of the total, that leaves a lot of opportunity for growth and we are doing our best to grow." How This Pre-Owned Luxury Watch Company Keeps Ticking Online

"Although Tutunikov was targeting 25% growth for 2021 sales, the company has already exceeded that goal. 'Between January 1 and August 1 of this year, our sales grew by about 54 percent,' he says. 'There have been a few months this year when we’ve sold more watches than we can replace,' he reports, with the dazed and disbelieving tones of someone who’s just won the lottery."

Swiss Watch Expo reports record sales during pandemic

"The vast majority of sales are made online, but serving the local Atlanta community is an important part of the SWE story, particularly as it brings a sense of community to the family-run business. Mr Tutunikov is proud of the brick and mortar store, which is possibly has a greater density of watches per square foot than any other retailer in the country."

5 Watches For Your Next Travels

"Italian watch brand Panerai traces its roots to Florence, where its signature robust case and striking minimalist aesthetic was born,” Tutunikov says. “The unmistakable Italian design is perfect for every travel situation, whether you’re traversing the narrow streets of Florence or enjoying Tuscan wine."

5 Watches For Your Next Travels

"To take your vacation wardrobe to the next level, choose a timepiece that matches the destination. We turned to Eugene Tutunikov, CEO of SwissWatchExpo, a luxury watch retailer based in Atlanta, to find the best picks for your next trip. Whether you are heading to New York or Paris, these timeless accessories should be on your wrist."

Your Ultimate Guide to Luxury Living in Atlanta

"We asked you to curate the ultimate guide to luxury living in Atlanta. Here are the results! Best Luxury Watches - SwissWatchExpo"

SwissWatchExpo Opens Renovated Showroom in Buckhead, Atlanta

"SwissWatchExpo Inc., Atlanta's leading retailer of pre-owned luxury watches, opened their newly renovated showroom in time for the new year. Located in the upscale district of Buckhead, Atlanta, the new showroom is a standout among luxury watch retailers, with its hip, industrial design."

His timing is perfect for selling used luxury watches worldwide

"We have salespeople who are obsessed about watches, and since they don’t get paid commission, they’re not trying to do a hard sell," Tutunikov says. "Each salesperson handles up to 80 incoming sales calls each day, all with the goal of connecting buyers with their ideal timepieces."

Modern Men of Atlanta

"Eugene Tutunikov moved to Atlanta in 2016 and joined SwissWatchExpo, his family’s pre-owned watch boutique, and soon after launched its growth to become one of the largest retailers of pre-owned watches in the World."

Atlanta’s SwissWatchExpo expects record holiday season sales

"There have been just 190 confirmed cases of Covid-19 Coronavirus so far in Georgia, has that has not stopped sales dropping by almost 40% in the last two weeks at SwissWatchExpo, a specialist pre-owned watch store with one of the largest inventories in the country."

BBB Consumer Warning: Watch Out for Fakes this Holiday Shopping Season

"WSB-TV's Sophia Choi reports on location at SwissWatchExpo with Michael Cash. He says for crooks, the holiday rush means cranking out fakes for online sales. The cost to you may be much more than you spent."

Inside Ebay’s billion dollar luxury watch business

"Dealers wanting to join the Ebay Authenticate program will need to be top-rated sellers, which means zero issues in terms of counterfeit returns, and positive feedback in the high 90 percents from customers. Right now this includes Watchbox, Jomashop, Swiss Watch Expo, and Govberg."

What to know before diving into preowned watches

"The luxury watch you've coveted for years might no longer be out of reach. But where to start looking? You'll find many dedicated online retailers like SwissWatchExpo. Most established retailers offer pieces that have been serviced by watchmakers and tested for mechanical accuracy."

Time to get a watch? What to know about buying preowned

"The luxury watch you've coveted for years might no longer be out of reach. But where to start looking? You'll find many dedicated online retailers like SwissWatchExpo. Most established retailers offer pieces that have been serviced by watchmakers and tested for mechanical accuracy."