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Welcome to the #1 Retailer of Pre-Owned Watches; Showroom Located in Atlanta, Georgia.


We are a family owned E-Commerce firm operating on a global scale. Our employees are our immediate family and our customers are our extended family. Each one of our sales staff is expertly trained on the watch brands that we carry. We are proud and excited to have served thousands of happy customers around the world. We hope the watch you buy from SwissWatchExpo makes you smile every day. Please join our family of happy clients and let us put some joy on your wrist.

Co-owner, Head Watchmaker

“Since I am a watchmaker by training, this has resulted in the strictest focus on quality at SwissWatchExpo. This focus on quality which is driven by the watchmaking team that I manage, has allowed us to stand apart in our field. I only send a watch to the showroom if it is in such a pristine condition that I would wear it myself”

Co-owner and founder Jake has worked as a watchmaker since 1985. Trained by Rolex themselves, he spent decades as the go-to watch repair specialist in Atlanta before applying his knowledge of the mechanics and the market to his very own business. What started as a quaint shop with an online presence consisting of a single eBay profile, has grown to one of the leading online luxury watch retailers in the world, with no sign of slowing down. An avid poker player and fisherman, Jake vows to keep our Atlanta retail store open, at least until he finds a way to service watches on a boat. Jake runs both the watch-making and buying teams at SwissWatchExpo.

Co-owner, Manager

“It’s amazing to see every day that clients from around the country trust us with their luxury watch purchase. We are lucky that our online presence has allowed our firm to flourish outside of the Atlanta area and we look forward to adding you to our list of happy customers.”

Co-owner Victoria took a very long road to SwissWatchExpo, working as a mathematician, schoolteacher, and computer programmer before fate found her at the helm of this website. A connoisseur of the finer things, it’s only logical that she finds herself in the luxury watch industry, needless to say she fits right in. In between pouring over website statistics and showing off all our new arrivals, she’ll likely be reading poetry or cooking up a mean soup, possibly with all the fish Jake brought home.


“What makes us unique is that we maintained our physical showroom even as our Ecommerce business took off. Being one of the few global online retailers of luxury watches with all of our inventory in stock at the showroom, is instrumental to our brand and future strategy of the business. “

Eugene is passionate about numbers, has an appetite for sushi and enjoys visiting NYC. He graduated NYU Magna Cum Laude with a double major in Finance and Economics, minor in Math and then spent the next 10 years working on Wall Street in Manhattan as well as Chicago. He made the transition from Wall Street to become the CEO of SwissWatchExpo in July 2016 and hasn’t looked back since.

Sales Manager

"We are different because we strive to provide the best customer experience possible during and after the sale. When you purchase a watch from us you can rest assured we will provide the best after sales experience since you are now part of the Swiss Watch Expo family."

Matt helps our clients find the perfect time piece by using his affinity for fine Swiss watches to match each customer's unique wants and needs to a beautiful watch in our inventory.When he is not trying on every jaeger lecoultre in the showroom you will more than likely find him at the nearest crag as he is an avid rock climber and also loves camping and hiking.

Operations Specialist

“One thing that sets us apart from the crowd is the easygoing atmosphere and our refusal to use high-pressure sales gimmicks. I’m not motivated by how much money you spend; just how happy you are.”

Ernesto became entranced with all things mechanical at a young age while watching his father disassemble and reassemble engines and transmissions as an auto mechanic. That curiosity quickly led to a fascination of all things mechanical and once Ernesto discovered the world of high horology you could say that he found his calling in life. While he currently serves as a sales associate to our clients, his alternate role is our in house Fashionista as he is known to dress very sharp. Ernesto has plans to become a world traveler and is always planning for future trips, when he is not researching destinations he is probably binging on the newest Netflix series.

Sales Consultant

“At SwissWatchExpo, we aim to be the world leader in pre-owned watches, while providing client-focused service that will make you feel like the center of our timepiece universe. Our devotion to continuously building and sharing our expertise will result in your confident selection of a watch that will thrill you for many years”

One of Marcus' lifetime passions has been an undying love for watches: their aesthetic, engineering, complexity, innovation, and timelessness. He has a thirst for learning; he holds JD, MPH, and MBA degrees, as well as certifications in areas such as executive data science and social media marketing from institutions including Johns Hopkins and Northwestern. Marcus combines this learning with experience in management consulting, startups, and concierge services to assist the SwissWatchExpo team in striving toward its ambitious and innovative goals, and to assist our valued clients in locating the rare timepieces that will remain in their families for generations. An automotive and tennis fan, you will find Marcus spending his free time cheering on the Ferrari Formula One team, playing matches with friends, and attending local auto shows.


Photographer Elena has been with the company from its inception, and has witnessed our astonishing growth firsthand in no small part due to her flawless studio pictures. Every single watch we have ever sold was first captured by her camera, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Nicknamed “SalvadorA Dali” by our staff, she has tremendous vision and always finds a way to get the best out of every watch we hand her. When she’s not training her camera on another luxury timepiece, she’s applying her passion for photography to traveling and playing with her dog Julie. Trust us, we’ve got the pictures to prove it.


Aldo is the latest addition to our crack squad of loupe sporting, tiny tool handling timepiece surgeons. And with the tidal wave of watches we’ve been adding to the site, not a moment too soon. A 3rd generation watchmaker, Aldo first learned the trade in his father’s workshop, first doing simple cosmetic repairs before he suddenly found himself completely refurbishing entire mechanical movements, much to his own surprise. From there, he landed his initial corporate training at Citizen in 1979, mastering new technology at the very inception of the quartz explosion. Before long he made the step up to the luxury watch industry and began training with Rolex, and still returns every other year to ensure no developments sneak past his watchful eye. He was certified by the prestigious Swiss watchmaking institute WOSTEP in 2013, which is known across the world. Shortly after, he received certification by Omega, the 14th watchmaker in the US to be certified, and became our go-to guy for servicing one of our best-selling brands. When he’s not avidly consuming all available knowledge on fine watchmaking, he’ll likely be hiking or enjoying the great outdoors. He’s also a fan of attending Formula 1 races at the Track.


While we pride ourselves in the precision and accuracy of our timepieces, the cosmetic side of our service and refurbishing process is equally important. After all, our watches must leave our shop looking beautiful, even if they showed years of wear a few hours before. Isai’s training and background in metallurgy means he knows his way around precious metals and understands the precision and care that goes into polishing them. When the whir of the polishing lathe is not leading him towards nirvana, he’ll likely be reading, fishing, or tending to his garden, which is kind of like cosmetic polishing, but for plants.


Assistant watchmaker Eugene is affectionately referred to as Eugenius around the store. Why? Because he is a jack of all trades, and also a master of those trades. With experience as a musician, blacksmith, and computer programmer, he is truly a renaissance man in every sense of the word. He’s applied that mastery of new and old world technologies to perfecting the art of watch repair, and we couldn’t be happier to have him bringing abused and neglected timepieces back to life. That’s no exaggeration. Eugenius has perfected the practice of timepiece polishing and is happy to prove it, that old scratched up beater you’re afraid to wear will look fresh from the factory by the time he’s done with it. When he’s not resurrecting old watches, and nursing them to health, he’ll likely be riding his motorcycle, or showing off his perfect pizza recipe. Like I said the man’s got talent!

Head of Security

Tumilo heads up our security team, and spends his day hard at work keeping our employees and inventory safe, and striking fear into the hearts of criminals everywhere, or at least the immediate vicinity of our Atlanta storefront. Always vigilant, he lies in wait, on the ready for the first sign of trouble. Hopefully any nefarious types reading this will be discouraged from visiting the store, but if not, you can always find out firsthand from the man himself. When he’s not the watcher on the wall, dispensing justice on behalf of the Swiss Watch Expo family, he’ll likely be practicing leather working, or spending time with his son.

“SwissWatchExpo wouldn’t be what it is without the superb contributions of our employees and the continued support of our happy customers around the world”

Eugene Tutunikov, CEO SwissWatchExpo