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Men's Bentley | White Gold | Breitling Watch Collection


Breitling Bentley watches are part of a two-decade long partnership between the esteemed British luxury carmaker and Swiss horological company. Combining Breitling’s commitment to precision, Bentley’s high-powered automation, and both companies’ propensity for elegant design, this partnership remains of the most sought-after car and watch collaborations of all time. Explore our collection of Breitling Bentley watches at

Breitling Bentley Collection

Photo of Breitling Bentley watch

The Breitling for Bentley collection is one of the most sought-after collaborations between a watchmaker and automobile company. Combining the British luxury carmaker’s expertise in style and craftsmanship, with Breitling’s proficiency in creating precise timepieces, these watches reflect a lifestyle of luxury and accomplishment.

Their partnership began in 2002, when Bentley commissioned Breitling to create an on-board clock for their highly exclusive Continental GT car. It spurred a collection of exquisite timepieces inspired by the same sense of beauty and mechanical perfection as Bentley vehicles and other Breitling timepieces. Many of these watches incorporate signature Bentley characteristics in their design, inspired by parts such as the dashboard, radiator grille, and leathered seats.

Marrying exceptional performance and absolute elegance, the Breitling for Bentley range embodies the perfect union of watches and cars. Explore our collection of Breitling for Bentley watches at


The connection between Breitling and automobiles goes back to 1931, when their on-board chronograph, created for aircrafts, was also cleared for use on automobile dashboards. Willy Breitling, the third-generation owner of the company, was also a devoted Bentley fan. The partnership just made perfect sense.

In 2002, the British automobile manufacturer commissioned Breitling to create an onboard clock for the iconic Continental GT, a line of high-speed but elegant automobiles. A year later, the Continental GT debuted with innovative technologies brought about by the expertise of both brands.

Breitling and Bentley also extended their partnership in the same year, at the 24 Hours at Le Mans race, where Breitling sponsored Bentley and stood behind the brand through its win. This also gave birth to the limited-edition Breitling Bentley Le Mans chronograph.

Over the decades, the partnership has spurred timepieces inspired by the dashing elegance of Bentley vehicles. From 2002 – 2018, Breitling Bentley watches were characterized by large, masculine cases, whose knurled bezels are modeled after Bentley’s famous radiator grilles. The bold design was matched with a myriad of metals and colors – from steel and rose and yellow gold, to dial colors like burgundy and green.

In 2015, the partnership made global headlines with the Bentayga, a luxury crossover SUV that is Bentley’s most off-road capable car to date. A lot of attention was focused on the optional Breitling Tourbillon dash clock, which cost around $160,000, on top of the $170,000 you'll have to pay for a Bentayga.

Three years later, Bretling announced a new chapter in the partnership. From being a standalone collection, the Bentley-inspired pieces were moved to the Premier collection, the brand’s line of vintage-inspired casual-to-dress watches. The design DNA of Bentley cars were conveyed in more refined details and colors.

In 2019, Breitling and Bentley announced the end of the almost two-decade long partnership. These timepieces are still sought-after in the pre-owned market, and remain one of the longest standing partnerships between a watchmaker and luxury carmaker.


The Breitling Bentley collection is one of the most well-known partnerships between a watchmaker and a car brand. In the 19-year duration of the partnership, there were three main sub-collections of Breitling watches, all inspired by the aesthetics and elegance of Bentley vehicles.


The original Breitling Bentley collection was composed of watches with characteristic knurled bezels reminiscent of Breitling radiator grilles. Measuring 42mm to 49mm, these watches have exceptional presence on the wrist, especially with the polished finish of the case and bracelet. Sloped lugs and hollowed recesses on the case ensure a comfortable fit on the wrist despite their large cases.

The Navitimer dials are especially eye-catching, featuring the inner slide rule which the wearer could use to calculate speed or fuel consumption.

Some of the most popular models within this range are the Breitling Bentley GT3, Breitling Bentley Continental GT, the Bentayga dashboard Tourbillon clock, and the Flying B, a rectangular jump hour watch.


There was also a one-off Breitling Chronomat Bentley model, launched within the Breitling B01 range. This 250-piece limited edition featured a British Racing Green dial, alongside the Chronomat’s characteristic bezel with four rider tabs. This edition of the Chronomat is powered by the Breitling Manufacture Calibre 01, a COSC-certified chronometer, which gives it a robust power reserve of almost 3 days.


The 2018 re-edition of the Breitling Bentley collection was moved within the Premier line. Inspired by the original 1940s Premier, this line of watches is the first collection from the brand to be dedicated solely to style. Refined cases and modern retro touches of the collection were combined with allusions to Bentley design details.

The collection includes the Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Bentley British Racing Green and the Premier B01 Chronograph Bentley Centenary, whose dial was inspired by the dashboard of the 1929 “Blower” Bentley. The interior inspiration continues with the leather strap options, whose diamond-quilting is reminiscent of Bentley’s leather seats.

Also within this collection is the Premier B01 Chronograph Mulliner, a limited edition of 1,000 pieces which celebrates the Continental GT Convertible Mulliner Edition. The Mulliner line is renowned for its exquisite bespoke handcrafted coaches, and the timepiece echoes their elegance through a verticall brushed dial with blue and red accents.


Breitling’s reference numbers are composed of a 12-digit alphanumeric code, where each number or letter corresponds to a code describing the watch’s type, design, movement, and certification.

1st letter – case or bezel material

A – Steel bezel/case
B – Steel bezel/case/gold riders
C – Rose gold bezel/steel case
D – Yellow gold bezel/steel case
E – Titanium bezel/case
F – 18kt bezel/titanium case
G – White gold bezel/steel case
H – 18kt rose gold bezel/case
J – 18kt white gold bezel/case
K – 18kt yellow gold bezel/case
L – Platinum bezel/steel case
M – Blacksteel bezel/case
N – Carbon case
P – Platinum bezel/steel case
R – Red gold bezel/case
T – Palladium bezel/case
V – Black titanium bezel/case
X – Breitlight® case
Y – Ceramic bezel/steel case

2nd and 3rd digits – movement or caliber used

10–49 – Mechanical movements
50+ - Quartz movements

4th digit – denotes whether the movement is COSC certified or not

0 – non-COSC certified
3 – COSC Certified

5th and 6th digits – model type, composed of random numbers

7th & 8th digits – case finishing

10 – Satin/brushed/titanium finish
11 – No special finish
12 – Polished finish
13 – Satin and polished finish
53 – Diamond bezel

9th digit – dial color

A – mother of pearl, white, beige, ivory, arctica
B – black, anthracite, diamond black, royal ebony
C – blue, moroccan blue, meteor, neptune blue, peacock blue
E – rhodium
F – slate, slate-grey
G – silver, silver storm
H – champagne, amber, desert dune
I – yellow
J – smoke grey
K – red, burgundy, sunset, rose
L – green, turquoise, laurel green, spruce
M – graphite, titanium
O – coral
Q – bronze, havana, grey violet, burnt oak

10, 11 & 12th digits – three random numbers referring to the dial design

Breitling’s reference numbers provide a lot of information, but we must note that models made before the 2000s don’t include the production period of the watch.


The Breitling Bentley collection combines British elegance with Swiss accuracy. Here are the most frequently asked questions about Breitling for Bentley watches:


The Breitling for Bentley collection is a range of watches inspired by automobiles of Bentley, the esteemed British luxury carmaker.

Introduced in 2002, this collection was first composed of bold and large-cased watches whose design was based on Bentley’s dashboards and radiator grilles.

Renewed in 2018, the Breitling Bentley range was moved within the Premier line, whose refined aesthetic brought out the elegance of Bentley-inspired details even more.


Breitling Bentley watch models are water-resistant to 10 bar (100 m, 328 ft), which means they are “splash proof”. They are safe for hand washing, swimming at the surface, and other water sports, but not for diving.


In 2021, after a 19-year partnership, the Breitling for Bentley collection was discontinued.

Its end was marked by the exclusive series Premier B21 Chronograph Tourbillon 42 Bentley Limited Edition, a fitting finale to the longest-ever partnership between a luxury watch brand and an automobile manufacturer.

Breitling Bentley watches remain available and sought-after in the secondary watch market.