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Men's Avenger | Yellow Gold Dress | Breitling Watch Collection


The Breitling Avenger is a watch for the modern adventurer. Combining the attributes of pilot’s and diver’s watches, models in the Avenger collection come in robust steel or DLC-coated titanium, with rugged bezels, high-contrast dials, and a choice between sturdy steel or military leather straps. With COSC-certified movements and at least 300m water resistance, Breitling Avenger watches are ready for any adventure. Explore our Breitling Avenger selection at

Breitling Avenger Collection

Photo of Breitling Avenger watch

The Breitling Avenger is a collection of bold and robust aviation watches made for the modern adventurer. If the Breitling Aviator 8 recalls fighter and ground attack aircraft watches, and the Navitimer is the classic watch for pilots, the Avenger is for aviation pioneers who challenge conventions of flight.

With their hard-wearing case, ratcheted bezels, and rugged looks, Breitling Avenger watches are performance-focused. They are completely at home on the wrists of drone specialists, pilots, aviation pioneers, and even space travelers who are aiming to scale new heights while expressing their personal style. Some models are even waterproof to an impressive depth of 3,000m – proving that it is suited for all types of adventures.

Extremely robust and shock resistant, highly legible and eye-catching, exceptionally reliable and precise, Breitling Avenger watches are ready when you are. Explore our Breitling Avenger collection at


Countless pilots have relied on the precision of Breitling watches while at flight. In the 1930s, Breitling began equipping cockpits with on-board flight chronographs that were quickly adopted by dozens of airlines.

In the 1950s, the company refocused their attention to the Navitimer, whose rotatable slide rule bezel helped pilots to compute for flight times, air speed, and fuel requirements swiftly yet accurately. The next few decades were dedicated to conquering not just air, but also space (with the Breitling Cosmonaute) and the seas (with the Breitling Superocean).

In 2001, Breitling introduced the Avenger to represent the transition to the era of modern aviation. Advances in aviation meant that flying for business, leisure, and even recreational purposes were increasingly conducted with ease. Breitling aimed to cater to the new generation of adventurous flyers with an extreme and bolder version of their flagship mechanical chronograph at the time, the Chronomat. The Breitling Avenger was born.

The new collection was characterized by bold and rugged cases, with well-defined rider tabs on their unidirectional, ratcheted bezels. Applied stick indices and stenciled numerals with luminescence offer optimum legibility, while options of a steel bracelet, or a strap in leather, rubber, or textile provide versatility.

Among the first models introduced was the titanium Breitling Chrono Avenger, produced between 2001 and 2007. While bulky and thick, the lightweight material made it comfortable for everyday wear. It was powered by the Breitling 13 movement and had a 300-meter water resistance.

This was followed by the Breitling Chrono Avenger M1 in 2002, which was powered by the Breitling 73 superquartz movement and came with an improved 1000-meter water resistance.

One more notable early model of the Breitling Avenger was the Seawolf. With a 3,000 meter water resistance, it was also prepared for excursions well below the ocean’s surface.

When Georges Kern joined Breitling in 2017, he set out to simplify the brand’s catalog into different categories – Air, Land, and Sea. With the ‘Air’ pillar composed of the vintage fighter watch-inspired Aviator 8, and the iconic aviation watch the Navitimer – the Breitling Avenger catered to modern adventurers who wanted to push the boundaries of flying.

To embody the new Avenger collection, Breitling also assembled an Aviation Pioneers Squad composed of three remarkable individuals who represent the new age of adventure in the air: astronaut Scott Kelly, commandant Rocío González Torres, and drone pilot Luke Bannister.

Today’s Avenger collection offers a wide range of sizes from 43mm to 48mm, and a vast array of dial colors and strap options. The improved Avenger keeps the original collection’s unique identity within the Breitling line, which Georges Kern perfectly described as “sophisticated roughness.” Meant to be bold, capable, and robust, the Breitling Avenger remains the perfect timepiece for aerial adventures.


The Breitling Avenger collection offers a wide range of choices for the adventurer at heart. Case sizes range from 43mm to 48mm, dials go from neutral silver, black, and blue, to trendier olive green and striking yellow. It also comes with broad selection of straps and bracelets.

Different functionalities can also be explored, as Breitling Avenger watches are available in three-hand, time-only models, chronographs, or with the 24-hour GMT hand. Here are the main collections under the current Breitling Avenger line.

Breitling Super Avenger Chronograph 48 and Chronograph 48 Night Mission

The largest size on offer, 48mm Avenger watches offer maximum wrist presence. It comes with a choice of a stainless steel case, or the Night Mission version, which comes in lightweight DLC-coated titanium. These models are powered by the self-winding Breitling Caliber 13 mechanical chronograph movement, which offers power reserve of approximately 48 hours. They are also water resistant to 30 bar/300 meters.

Breitling Avenger Chronograph 45 and Chronograph 45 Night Mission

This rendition of the classic pilot’s watch comes in 45mm cases, either in stainless steel or DLC-coated titanium. The steel models come with an option of a black or blue dial, while the Night Mission editions offer military-inspired black or olive green dials. Just like the 48mm version, these are powered by the Breitling Caliber 13 and come with 30 bar/300 meter water resistance.

Breitling Avenger Automatic 45 Seawolf and 45 Seawolf Night Mission

The Avenger Seawolf has the classic pilot’s watch attributes of the collection, coupled with increased water resistance of 300 bar/3000 meters. It comes in either a 45mm stainless steel case with a titanium caseback, or a DLC-coated titanium case. The steel version comes with a striking yellow dial, while the blacked-out titanium version comes with a black dial. These are powered by the Breitling Caliber 17 mechanical movement, and offers a power reserve of approximately 38 hours.

Breitling Avenger Automatic GMT 45 and GMT 45 Night Mission

The Avenger Automatic GMT comes with a 24-hour hand that indicates a second time zone. Like the other collections, it comes with an option of a stainless steel case or a strong but lightweight DLC-coated titanium construction. It runs on the Breitling Caliber 32 movement, which has a power reserve of approximately 42 hours.

Breitling Avenger Chronograph 43 and Automatic 43

The 43mm Avenger watches are offered in time-only and chronograph editions, both in stainless steel. The Chronograph 43 is powered by the Breitling Caliber 13, with a power reserve of 48 hours; while the Automatic 43 runs on the Breitling Caliber 17, an automatic movement with a power reserve of 38 hours.


Each Breitling model comes with a reference number that carries meaning. Families of watches are assigned a 12-digit code, where each digit denotes information about the watch’s type, design, movement, and certification.

1st digit – case or bezel material. Composed of a single letter.

A – Steel bezel/case
B – Steel bezel/case/gold riders
C – Rose gold bezel/steel case
D – Yellow gold bezel/steel case
E – Titanium bezel/case
F – 18kt bezel/titanium case
G – White gold bezel/steel case
H – 18kt rose gold bezel/case
J – 18kt white gold bezel/case
K – 18kt yellow gold bezel/case
L – Platinum bezel/steel case
M – Blacksteel bezel/case
N – Carbon case
P – Platinum bezel/steel case
R – Red gold bezel/case
T – Palladium bezel/case
V – Black titanium bezel/case
X – Breitlight® case
Y – Ceramic bezel/steel case

2nd and 3rd digits – movement or caliber used. Composed of two numbers.

10–49 – Mechanical movements
50+ - Quartz movements

4th digit – indicates whether the movement is COSC Certified or not

0 – non-COSC certified
3 – COSC Certified

5th and 6th digits – model type. Two digits composed of random numbers.

7th & 8th digits – case finish

10 – Satin/brushed/titanium finish
11 – No special finish
12 – Polished finish
13 – Satin and polished finish
53 – Diamond bezel

9th digit – dial color.

A – mother of pearl, white, beige, ivory, arctica
B – black, anthracite, diamond black, royal ebony
C – blue, moroccan blue, meteor, neptune blue, peacock blue
E – rhodium
F – slate, slate-grey
G – silver, silver storm
H – champagne, amber, desert dune
I – yellow
J – smoke grey
K – red, burgundy, sunset, rose
L – green, turquoise, laurel green, spruce
M – graphite, titanium
O – coral
Q – bronze, havana, grey violet, burnt oak

10, 11 & 12th digits – three random numbers used to denote the dial design.

While the reference numbers provide a lot of information, they don’t contain the production date of the timepiece. It was in the early 2000s when Breitling began stamping their watches with production dates.


The Breitling Avenger is a collection of aviation watches designed for the modern adventurer. Here are some of the most common questions about the Breitling Avenger:


The Breitling Avenger is a collection of watches that combine aviation and dive watch attributes. They are characterized by muscular and robust cases measuring 43 to 48mm, and rider tabs on their unidirectional bezels. Most models come in stainless steel cases, while select models have DLC-coated titanium versions.


Breitling Avenger Automatic, Avenger and Super Avenger Chronograph, and Avenger GMT models offer water resistance of up to 30 bar / 300 meters, which is dive watch territory. The Avenger Seawolf meanwhile, has incredible water resistance of 300 bar / 3000 meters, which puts it in the leagues of super-diver watches.


All current Breitling Avenger watches are powered by self-winding mechanical movements with COSC certification.

Chronographs are powered by the Breitling Caliber 13, Automatic and Seawolf watches by the Breitling Caliber 17, and GMT watches by the Breitling Caliber 32.