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Men's Pelagos | Titanium | Tudor Watch Collection


The Tudor Pelagos is a modern diver and tool watch that brings to life visual cues from Tudor’s vintage dive watches, in a resolutely modern design. Aside from pushing the standard Tudor water depth rating from 200m to 500m, the Pelagos is the only titanium watch in the Tudor (and even Rolex) family. Aside from black and blue versions, the Pelagos family also features a left-handed model, and the FXD, a specialized model designed with the French Navy for underwater navigation and professional use. Explore our collection of Tudor Pelagos watches at
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Tudor Pelagos Collection

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The Tudor Pelagos is the Genevan brand’s signature dive watch. Named after the Greek word "pélagos," meaning "sea", the collection was introduced in 2012 to meet the needs of saturation divers. With its 500m water resistance, helium escape valve, luminous markers, and auto-adjustable buckles, the Pelagos is one of the most comprehensive mechanical diver’s watches out there.

The Pelagos is the latest addition to Tudor’s long history of creating dive watches, as the manufacture supplied many of the world’s military frogmen and combat divers in the mid-20th century. With the linear design, robust build, and titanium body of the Pelagos, it brings together Tudor’s military heritage with modern innovations.

The Pelagos stands out with its full titanium construction – a first in the Tudor and Rolex family – and patented auto-adjustable spring mechanism that allows the bracelet to be altered for comfort during the dive. All these, combined with chronometer-certified movements beating inside, make the Tudor Pelagos one luxury watch that you’ll actually wear while diving.

Explore our selection of Tudor Pelagos watches at


Launched in 2012, the Tudor Pelagos is part of the revival of the Tudor brand that began earlier in the decade. It followed the Tudor Heritage Chrono of 2010, which takes inspiration from Tudor chronographs from the 1970s. Two years later, Tudor released two outstanding models – the Black Bay, for lovers of classic dive watches; and the Pelagos, whose energetic design and added water resistance was built for professional divers and younger, athletic audiences.

The Pelagos is easily distinguished by its titanium construction, it being the first titanium diver within the larger Rolex brand. With a 42mm case, it’s also larger than the Black Bay and even the famed Submariner – but with the titanium material, it wears lighter on the wrist and allows for longer use. Its contemporary look is further emphasized by its ceramic bezel and luminous markers.

While one can also dive with the Black Bay, the Pelagos was built for this purpose with its 500m depth rating – more than double the Black Bay’s 200m. Moreover, it is equipped with a helium escape valve on the side of the case, therefore allowing saturation divers to ascend without damaging the watch.

Another innovation on the Tudor Pelagos is the patented folding clasp on its three-link bracelet. Equipped with a special diving extension, it allows the wearer to make fine adjustments, and lengthen or shorten it as the climate and environment changes.

The first generation of Tudor Pelagos watches were powered by the ETA 2824, one of the most widely used third-party movements. When the second generation of the Pelagos was released in 2015, it was already equipped with the in-house caliber MT5612. All Tudor Pelagos models have since been given an in-house movement.

Since then, there have been three other versions of the Pelagos:

  • Tudor Pelagos Blue – a matte blue version of the standard Pelagos, introduced in 2015
  • Tudor Pelagos LHD – LHD, which stands for “left hand drive” was introduced in 2016. Made to be worn on the right wrist, it puts the crown on the opposite side at 9 o’clock.
  • Tudor Pelagos FXD – FXD, which stands for “fixed” was introduced in 2021. It comes with lugs that are integrated into the case, unlike previous versions of the Pelagos. This ensures that the band will not fall off from the spring bar.

With high performance technical features and a balance between heritage and contemporary looks, the Tudor Pelagos is a modern example of an excellent tool watch.


The Tudor Pelagos collection is currently comprised of four models, each sharing the robust qualities of the original – a 42mm case made of satin-brushed titanium, and a unidirectional rotating diver’s bezel with a black or blue ceramic insert. The first three models have a 500m depth rating, plus the placement of a helium escape valve at 9 o'clock makes them suitable for saturation diving.

The hands of the Pelagos, particularly the hour hand with its characteristic “Snowflake” square tip, allow the wearer to distinguish it from the minute hand at a glance.

In-house chronometer-certified movements with 70-hour power reserves have been powering this watch since 2015.

Tudor Pelagos Black (2012)
The original edition of the Tudor Pelagos was introduced in 2012, with a matte black ceramic bezel insert. It was originally equipped with the ETA 2824 and upgraded with the in-house MT5612 movement in 2015. The model comes with a three-piece titanium bracelet and a complementary black rubber strap.

Tudor Pelagos Blue (2015)
The second edition of the Tudor Pelagos has the same qualities as the original version, although this time, the black ceramic bezel is rendered in a matte blue finish, with a dial to match. The model comes with a three-piece titanium bracelet and a complementary blue rubber strap.

Tudor Pelagos Left-Handed LHD (2016)
Tudor answered the retro craze of the 2010s with the Left-Handed (LHD) edition. Reminiscent of watches from the 1970s, its crown is located on the opposite position at 9 o’clock, making it ideal to wear on the right hand. It ups the vintage quotient with beige “fauxtina” Super-LumiNova on the dial and bezel markers, a roulette date wheel (even numbers in red, odds in black), as well as a single line of red text below the hands, reminiscent of the Rolex Submariner ref 1680.

Tudor Pelagos FXD (2021)
The latest addition to the Tudor Pelagos collection is the Fixed (FXD) edition. The name refers to the fact that, unlike previous versions of the Pelagos, the lugs and case are integrated and made from the same block of metal. This method ensures that the bracelet will not fall off from the spring bar; however, it also means that it is limited to just one strap.

This model differs in other ways: it removes the helium escape valve, comes with a 200m water resistance (vs 500m for the other versions), and is powered by the caliber MT5602, the no-date version of the MT5612.

The Tudor Pelagos FXD is homage to the historical partnership between Tudor and the French Navy, which ran from 1956 until the 1980s.


Tudor assigns reference numbers to its models to properly document their sale and manufacture. Modern Tudor watches have both their reference and serial numbers located on the undersides of the lugs, so that the wearer can see them without having to remove the bracelet.

Below are the reference numbers for the Tudor Pelagos collection:

M25600TN-0001Tudor Pelagos Black / matte black ceramic bezel insert, titanium bracelet
M25600TB-0001Tudor Pelagos Blue / matte blue ceramic bezel insert, titanium bracelet
M25610TNL-0001Tudor Pelagos LHD / matte black ceramic bezel insert, titanium bracelet
M25707B/22-0001Tudor Pelagos FXD / bidirectional rotating bezel, blue dial


The Tudor Pelagos is a titanium diving watch made for saturation divers and active individuals. These watches have a robust and dynamic design, and chronometer-certified movements. Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Tudor Pelagos.


The Tudor Pelagos is a range of titanium diving watches that combine robust technology and some design references from Tudor’s vintage dive watches.

It is the first full-titanium watch from either Tudor or its parent brand Rolex, and it was brought to market in 2012.


As of 2021, there are four models in the Tudor Pelagos collection:

  • Tudor Pelagos – the two "standard" Pelagos editions, which come with an option of either a black or blue dial and bezel insert.
  • Tudor Pelagos LHD – the left-handed edition of the Pelagos. Inspired by vintage dive watches, its crown is located at 9 o’clock and it also features vintage design cues (beige Super-Luminova, roulette date wheel, and single red text).
  • Tudor Pelagos FXD – the fixed-bracelet edition of the Pelagos. This version comes with integrated lugs and case which secures the single-piece strap.


The standard Tudor Pelagos and Tudor Pelagos LHD all boast 500m water resistance and come equipped with a helium escape valve to aid saturation diving.

Meanwhile, the Tudor Pelagos FXD does away with the helium escape valve and has a reduced water resistance of 200m. This is to suit the real-world diving conditions of the French Navy, who are primary users of the watch.