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From the pioneer men's wristwatch Santos, to the ethereal Ballon Bleu, Cartier watches are known for their beauty, fine craftsmanship, and elegance. Founded in 1847, Cartier is the origin of iconic timepieces favored by royalty, aristocracy, and celebrities, such as the Cartier Tank, Santos, Ronde, Ballon Blanc, and Ballon Bleu. Find yours today from our selection of authentic, preowned Cartier watches at SwissWatchExpo.
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Cartier Watches Collection

Photo of Cartier watch

Cartier is world renowned for iconic designs, extraordinary shapes, and unparalleled craftsmanship in watchmaking.

Founded in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier, the French maison traces its beginnings as the “the jeweler of kings and the king of jewelers”, catering to the whims of royalty. At the turn of the century, Cartier entered the world of watchmaking, and became one of the first companies to offer wristwatches in an era dominated by the pocket watch.

Through the genius of third-generation Louis Cartier, the brand created timepieces that have set design standards for the watches we see today. Most famous of these are the Cartier Santos, the first men’s wristwatch; and the Cartier Tank, the most iconic dress watch of the 20th century.

Cartier’s current watch collection spans models with sporting and automotive inspiration, certified diver’s watches, and high horology watches that marry cutting-edge watchmaking with elegant style. Today, there are few luxury brands that equal Cartier in heritage and longevity.

SwissWatchExpo has a wide range of Cartier watches for men and women. From classic everyday pieces, to sophisticated sport watches, we can help you find a Cartier watch to suit your taste and lifestyle.


Jeweler Louis-François Cartier founded his namesake company in Paris in 1847. In its early years, Cartier established a reputation for making jewelry for royalty and society’s elite.

In the following decades, he brought in his sons and grandsons into the business, who brought fresh perspectives and expanded the company’s offerings.

Third-generation Louis Cartier was a great lover of mechanical watches, and wanted the company to make its own timepieces.

In 1904, Louis Cartier met Brazilian pilot and explorer Alberto Santos-Dumont. The latter expressed the difficulty of telling time during flight with the use of pocket watches. Cartier rose to the challenge and designed a flat wristwatch with a distinctive square bezel. This timepiece is widely considered as the first wristwatch for men, and what we know today as the Cartier Santos.

The Santos paved the way for new designs that have since become icons for the brand.

Cartier introduced the Baignoire and Tortue watch models in 1912, followed by the Tank model's debut in 1917. In the 1940s, Cartier added the first water-resistant watch to its lineup. Innovations, both in design and technology, continued for the next decade.

In 1942, Louis Cartier passed away, causing artistic stagnation and financial difficulties in the company. Cartier later regained lost ground in 1972, when a group of investors, and CEO Alain Perrin, a former antique dealer, took over.

They breathed new life into the Cartier watch brand by developing the more commercial Le Must line, as well as creating updated versions of classics such as the Santos. By the 1980s, Cartier has re-established itself as an elite watchmaker.

Today, Cartier’s range includes modernized versions of classics such as the Santos and the Tank, as well as a variety of sport, dress, and complicated watches in a wide range of styles and price points.

If you are looking for a prestigious watch brand that offers quality craftsmanship, timeless design, and sophisticated contemporary styling, one need not look further than Cartier.


Cartier offers a highly diverse line of wristwatches, many of which are the most recognizable designs on the planet. From the popular Cartier Santos and Tank, to diver’s watches and bejeweled creations for women, there is literally a Cartier watch for everyone. Below are Cartier’s major watch collections.


The Santos collection is the oldest line of watches still being produced by Cartier. Louis Cartier designed the first Santos in 1904, at the request of Brazilian aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont. His request was for a watch that could easily be read during flight. In response, Cartier developed a square watch with gently curved lugs that allowed it to sit comfortably on the wrist using a strap. The Cartier Santos entered series production in 1911, making it the first pilot’s watch and the first men’s wristwatch in history.

The Santos remains one of the bestselling watches of the brand today. There are two lines in the current Santos collection – the Santos-Dumont and the Santos de Cartier – but its previous iterations continue to be sought after in the pre-owned market.

  • SANTOS DUMONT – this version bears the strongest resemblance to the 1904 original, with its straight lines, and rounded angles on the dial. It is available only with a leather strap.
  • SANTOS GALBEE – the design refresh of the Santos, launched in 1987. The straight lines of the original Santos were replaced by wrist-hugging curves, and the dial was given a date aperture.
  • SANTOS 100 – the Santos’ centenary update, launched in 2004. It introduced larger case sizes to the collection, as well as a chunkier profile and more angular shape.
  • SANTOS DE CARTIER – the latest version of the Santos, launched in 2018. From the angular Santos 100 design, the strict square lines were softened into rounder edges and a sloping bezel. The new line is equipped with the Cartier SmartLink system, which allows the wearer to replace the bracelet without the use of tools.


The Cartier Tank collection is a line of rectangular watches designed by Louis Cartier in 1917. The design is said to be inspired by the Renault FT-17, a French tank used during the first World War. The Tank’s rounded brancards recall the sides of the combat vehicle when viewed from above.

Shaped somewhere between a rectangle and a square, understated and yet very refined, the ambiguity of the Cartier Tank endeared it to both men and women. With famous fans like Andy Warhol, Jackie Kennedy, and Princess Diana, the Cartier Tank built a reputation as the watch to wear of the 20th Century. Over the decades, the classic design has spurred several iterations:

  • TANK LOUIS – introduced in 1922, the Tank Louis set the standard for all Tanks to follow. It has a slightly longer case, rectangular dial, rounded brancards, and a leather strap integrated into the case.
  • TANK CLASSIC – the Tank Classic features all the attributes that the Tank watch is known for: a rectangular case with rounded sides, Roman numerals with a Cartier signature at 7 o’clock, rail-track minute markers, blued steel sword-shaped hands, and a blue sapphire cabochon.
  • TANK AMERICAINE – introduced in 1989 as a modern take on the 1920s Tank Cintree. It features a thinner, elongated case, and a more pronounced ergonomic curve that hugs the wrist.
  • TANK FRANCAISE – introduced in 1995 as a contemporary take on the classic Tank watch. It is distinguished from other Tank watches by its pointed shoulders, and chain-link bracelet inspired by caterpillar treads of a tank vehicle.
  • TANK ANGLAISE – launched in 2012, it features a rounder and curvier case, and a sapphire-set crown which is enclosed in the brancards.
  • TANK SOLO – introduced in 2004 as an entry-level version of the Cartier Tank Louis. It shares the same proportions with the Tank Louis but with flatter brancards and a thicker profile.
  • TANK MC – introduced in 2013, this is a larger Tank design with more masculine design cues. “MC” means Manufacture Cartier, as the watch runs on 1904-MC, the first in-house automatic caliber made by Cartier.


The Cartier Ronde collection was introduced in 1937 with the Cartier Ronde Louis, a classic round watch designed by Louis Cartier. It is characterized by Roman numerals, a rail-track minute circle, blue sword-shaped hands, and a sapphire cabochon. In 2009, the Cartier Ronde Solo was introduced, with a flat rounded bezel.


The Cartier Panthere was introduced in 1983 and produced until the early 2000s. The Panthere takes the iconic square case and eight exposed screws of the Santos in slimmer form, and pairs it with a supple link bracelet.


The Cartier Pasha was introduced in 1985. Created by renowned designer Gerald Genta, the Pasha is based on a vintage timepiece created by Louis Cartier in the 1930s. It is characterized by a round case, Vendome lugs, and the screw-down crown cap with a sapphire cabochon and a dainty retaining chain.


The Cartier Roadster was produced from 2001 until 2012. While it was one of the newer additions to the catalog, the Roadster’s design was inspired by vintage automobiles from the 1950s. It features a highly contoured tonneau shape, and a Porsche-like dial, reminiscent of the 1950’s Porsche 356 speedometer.


The Ballon Bleu was introduced in 2007, making it one of the 21st century pillars of the Cartier catalog. Named after the French word for “ball”, the Ballon Bleu is a classic round watch with pure lines. It features a monobloc construction, where the horns and crown cap blend seamlessly into the case. The signature blue sapphire cabochon is ensconced within the crown guard.


Introduced in 2008, the Rotonde is a classic round watch with balanced proportions. The understated construction allows the watch to showcase the most complex and sophisticated complications of the brand, such as minute repeaters, retrograde second time zones, perpetual calendars, and tourbillons.


Introduced in 2010, the Calibre de Cartier, as its name suggests, were the first to house Cartier’s in-house calibers. Aside from this major milestone, the Calibre de Cartier also established the brand’s prowess in creating modern sport watches with its sporty masculine look, and technical expertise. The Calibre de Cartier collection is characterized by a generously sized and robust round case, prominent curved lugs, and oversized Roman numerals.

Today, the collection is composed of three-hand watches with a date display, chronographs, and diving watches with a depth rating of 300m. There are also versions with perpetual calendar and tourbillon complications.


Introduced in 2016, the Drive de Cartier is a vintage-inspired watch created for gentleman drivers. Refined and masculine at the same time, it features a uniquely shaped curved case, domed crystal, and slim silhouette, powered by in-house Cartier movements.


Introduced in 2015, the Cartier Clé has a slightly curved oval case reminiscent of watches from the 1970s. Named after the French word “Clé” which stands for “key”, one of its distinguishing features is its rectangular-shaped crown, inspired by traditional winding keys of 19th century clocks.


Santos de Cartier Large (Steel)$7,800Large model, automatic movement, steel, PVD, interchangeable metal and rubber straps
Santos de Cartier Large (Gold)$35,700Large model, automatic movement, yellow gold, interchangeable metal and leather bracelets
Santos de Cartier Medium$6,800Medium model, automatic movement, steel, interchangeable metal and leather bracelets
Santos-Dumont (Steel-Rose Gold)$5,850Large model, quartz movement, rose gold, steel, leather
Santos-Dumont (Rose Gold)$12,100Large model, quartz movement, rose gold, leather
Ballon Bleu (Steel)$6,35036 mm, mechanical movement with automatic winding, steel
Ballon Bleu (Steel – Rose Gold)$12,80036mm, automatic movement, rose gold, steel, diamonds
Tank Louis (Gold)$10,700Large model, quartz movement, 18K yellow gold, leather
Tank Must (Steel)$2,930Large model, high autonomy quartz movement, steel, leather
Tank Francaise (Steel)$4,100Medium model, quartz movement, steel
Tank Francaise (Steel-Gold)$6,450Medium model, quartz movement, steel and gold
Tank MC (Steel)$7,350Large model, automatic movement, steel, leather
Tank MC (Rose Gold)$18,900Large model, automatic movement, rose gold, leather
Tank Americaine (Steel)$6,000Large model, steel, leather
Tank Americaine (Gold)$16,000Large model, yellow gold, leather


Cartier watch models are assigned reference numbers composed of 8 characters, commonly starting with a letter, followed by a combination of letters and numbers. These are randomly assigned by Cartier for every model and specific material. Below is a list of Cartier reference numbers:

W10125U2Cartier 21 ChronoscaphStainless Steel
W10184U2Cartier 21 ChronoscaphStainless Steel
W10197U2Cartier 21 ChronoscaphStainless Steel
W10198U2Cartier 21 ChronoscaphStainless Steel
W10072R6Cartier 21 MustStainless Steel
W10073R6Cartier 21 MustStainless Steel
W10109T2Cartier 21 MustStainless Steel
W10110T2Cartier 21 MustStainless Steel
W1506056Cartier Baignoire18K Yellow Gold
W1516856Cartier Baignoire18K White Gold
W1544956Cartier Baignoire18K Rose Gold
W700013JCartier Ballerine18K Yellow Gold
W700023JCartier Ballerine18K Rose Gold
WG40013JCartier Ballerine18K Yellow Gold
WG40023JCartier Ballerine18K Rose Gold
WG40033JCartier Ballerine18K White Gold
W6900156Cartier Ballon Bleu18K Yellow Gold
W69001Z2Cartier Ballon Bleu18K Yellow Gold
W6900256Cartier Ballon Bleu18K Rose Gold
W69002Z2Cartier Ballon Bleu18K Rose Gold
W6900356Cartier Ballon Bleu18K Yellow Gold
W69003Z2Cartier Ballon Bleu18K Yellow Gold
W6900456Cartier Ballon Bleu18K Rose Gold
W69004Z2Cartier Ballon Bleu18K Rose Gold
W6900551Cartier Ballon Bleu18K Yellow Gold
W6900556Cartier Ballon Bleu18K White Gold
W69005Z2Cartier Ballon Bleu18K Yellow Gold
W6900651Cartier Ballon Bleu18K Rose Gold
W69006Z2Cartier Ballon Bleu18K Rose Gold
W69007Z3Cartier Ballon BleuStainless Steel and 18K Yellow Gold
W69008Z3Cartier Ballon BleuStainless Steel and 18K Yellow Gold
W69009Z3Cartier Ballon BleuStainless Steel and 18K Yellow Gold
W69010Z4Cartier Ballon BleuStainless Steel
W69011Z4Cartier Ballon BleuStainless Steel
W69012Z4Cartier Ballon BleuStainless Steel
W6901351Cartier Ballon Bleu18K White Gold
W69013Z2Cartier Ballon Bleu18K White Gold
W6920001Cartier Ballon Bleu18K Rose Gold
W6920021Cartier Ballon Bleu18K White Gold
WE900151Cartier Ballon Bleu18K Yellow Gold
WE9001Z3Cartier Ballon Bleu18K Yellow Gold
WE900251Cartier Ballon Bleu18K Rose Gold
WE9002Z3Cartier Ballon Bleu18K Rose Gold
WE900351Cartier Ballon Bleu18K White Gold
WE9003Z3Cartier Ballon Bleu18K White Gold
WE9003ZACartier Ballon Bleu18K White Gold
WE900451Cartier Ballon Bleu18K Yellow Gold
WE9004Z3Cartier Ballon Bleu18K Yellow Gold
WE900551Cartier Ballon Bleu18K Rose Gold
WE9005Z3Cartier Ballon Bleu18K Rose Gold
WE900651Cartier Ballon Bleu18K White Gold
WE9006Z3Cartier Ballon Bleu18K White Gold
WE900751Cartier Ballon Bleu18K Yellow Gold
WE9007Z3Cartier Ballon Bleu18K Yellow Gold
WE900851Cartier Ballon Bleu18K Rose Gold
WE9008Z3Cartier Ballon Bleu18K Rose Gold
WE900951Cartier Ballon Bleu18K White Gold
WE9009Z3Cartier Ballon Bleu18K White Gold
WE902006Cartier Ballon Bleu18K White Gold
B5118LMCartier Brilliant Paved18K White Gold
WB7044KNCartier Brilliant Paved18K White Gold
WE1002SDCartier Brilliant Paved18K White Gold
WE6001MXCartier Brilliant Paved18K White Gold
WE6003MXCartier Brilliant Paved18K White Gold
WF9003YACartier Brilliant Paved18K White Gold
WF9005YACartier Brilliant Paved18K White Gold
WF9010YACartier Brilliant Paved18K White Gold
WG4004MYCartier Brilliant Paved18K White Gold
WJ3044MZCartier Brilliant Paved18K White Gold
WJ3045MZCartier Brilliant Paved18K White Gold
WJ3031MVCartier Cartier Libre18K White Gold
WJ303350Cartier Cartier Libre18K White Gold
WJ303450Cartier Cartier Libre18K Yellow Gold
WJ303550Cartier Cartier Libre18K Rose Gold
WJ303650Cartier Cartier Libre18K White Gold
WJ304250Cartier Cartier Libre18K White Gold
WJ304350Cartier Cartier Libre18K White Gold
W1540251Cartier Coleccion Privee18K Rose Gold
w1540451Cartier Coleccion Privee18K White Gold
w1542951Cartier Coleccion Privee18K Rose Gold
W1545851Cartier Coleccion Privee18K Rose Gold
W1545951Cartier Coleccion Privee18K White Gold
W1546051Cartier Coleccion Privee18K Rose Gold
W1546251Cartier Coleccion Privee18K Rose Gold
W1546551Cartier Coleccion Privee18K White Gold
W1549751Cartier Coleccion PriveePlatinium
W1550051Cartier Coleccion Privee18K Rose Gold
W1550251Cartier Coleccion Privee18K Rose Gold
W1550751Cartier Coleccion Privee18K White Gold
W1553051Cartier Coleccion Privee18K Rose Gold
W1553151Cartier Coleccion Privee18K White Gold
W1555851Cartier Coleccion Privee18K White Gold
W640010HCartier La Dona18K Yellow Gold
W6400156Cartier La Dona18K Yellow Gold
W640020HCartier La Dona18K Yellow Gold
W6400256Cartier La Dona18K Yellow Gold
W640030ICartier La Dona18K Rose Gold
W6400356Cartier La Dona18K Rose Gold
W640040ICartier La Dona18K Rose Gold
W6400456Cartier La Dona18K Rose Gold
W640070ICartier La Dona18K Rose Gold
W6601005Cartier La Dona18K Yellow Gold
W6601006Cartier La Dona18K Rose Gold
W6601007Cartier La Dona18K Rose Gold
WE600151Cartier La Dona18K White Gold
WE60019GCartier La Dona18K White Gold
WE60020HCartier La Dona18K Yellow Gold
WE600251Cartier La Dona18K Yellow Gold
WE600351Cartier La Dona18K White Gold
WE60039gCartier La Dona18K White Gold
WE60040HCartier La Dona18K Yellow Gold
WE600451Cartier La Dona18K Yellow Gold
WE60050ICartier La Dona18K Rose Gold
WE600551Cartier La Dona18K Rose Gold
WE60060ICartier La Dona18K Rose Gold
WE600651Cartier La Dona18K Rose Gold
WE600749Cartier La Dona18K White Gold
WE600849Cartier La Dona18K White Gold
W660012ICartier La DonaStainless Steel
W660022ICartier La DonaStainless Steel
WE800131Cartier Love18K White Gold
WE800231Cartier Love18K White Gold
WE800331Cartier Love18K White Gold
WE800431Cartier Love18K Rose Gold
WE800531Cartier Love18K Rose Gold
WE800631Cartier Love18K Rose Gold
WE800731Cartier Love18K Yellow Gold
WE800831Cartier Love18K Yellow Gold
WE800931Cartier Love18K Yellow Gold
W25029B6Cartier PanthereStainless Steel and 18K Yellow Gold
W25033P5Cartier PanthereStainless Steel
W25022B9Cartier Panthere18K Yellow Gold
W25032P5Cartier PanthereStainless Steel
W25054P5Cartier PanthereStainless Steel
W25028b501Cartier Panthere18K Yellow Gold
W25014B9Cartier Panthere18K Yellow Gold
W25028B6Cartier PanthereStainless Steel and 18K Yellow Gold
W0100087Cartier PashaStainless Steel
W3019351Cartier Pasha C18K Rose Gold
W3019551Cartier Pasha C18K Yellow Gold
W3019951Cartier Pasha C18K Rose Gold
W3020151Cartier Pasha C18K Rose Gold
W30201H9Cartier Pasha C18K Yellow Gold
W3107255Cartier Pasha CStainless Steel
W31072M7Cartier Pasha CStainless Steel
W31074M7Cartier Pasha CStainless Steel
W31075m7Cartier Pasha CStainless Steel
W31077M7Cartier Pasha CStainless Steel
W31077U2Cartier Pasha CStainless Steel
W31078M7Cartier Pasha CStainless Steel
W31079M7Cartier Pasha CStainless Steel
W31080M7Cartier Pasha CStainless Steel
W3108555Cartier Pasha CStainless Steel
W31085M7Cartier Pasha CStainless Steel
W31088U2Cartier Pasha CStainless Steel
W31089M7Cartier Pasha CStainless Steel
W301970MCartier Pasha Seatimer18K Yellow Gold
W301980MCartier Pasha Seatimer18K Rose Gold
WJ130001Cartier Pasha Seatimer18K Yellow Gold
W62005V1Cartier Roadster18K Yellow Gold
W62005V2Cartier Roadster18K Yellow Gold
W62018V1Cartier Roadster18K Yellow Gold
W62018Y5Cartier Roadster18K Yellow Gold
W62021Y2Cartier Roadster18K Yellow Gold
W62021Y3Cartier Roadster18K Yellow Gold
W6206000Cartier Roadster18K White Gold
W6206001Cartier Roadster18K Rose Gold
WE500160Cartier Roadster18K Yellow Gold
WE5001x1Cartier Roadster18K Yellow Gold
WE500260Cartier Roadster18K White Gold
WE5002X2Cartier Roadster18K White Gold
W62016V3Cartier RoadsterStainless Steel
W62017V3Cartier RoadsterStainless Steel
W62019X6Cartier RoadsterStainless Steel
W62020X6Cartier RoadsterStainless Steel
W62025V3Cartier RoadsterStainless Steel
W62032X6Cartier RoadsterStainless Steel
W62041V3Cartier RoadsterStainless Steel
W62048V3Cartier RoadsterStainless Steel
W6206006Cartier RoadsterStainless Steel
W6206007Cartier RoadsterStainless Steel
W62026Y4Cartier RoadsterStainless Steel 18K Yellow Gold
W62027z1Cartier RoadsterStainless Steel 18K Yellow Gold
W62031Y4Cartier RoadsterStainless Steel
W6800151Cartier Ronde LC18K Rose Gold
W6800251Cartier Ronde LC18K Rose Gold
WR000151Cartier Ronde LC18K Yellow Gold
WR000251Cartier Ronde LC18K White Gold
WR000351Cartier Ronde LC18K Rose Gold
WR000451Cartier Ronde LC18K Yellow Gold
WR000551Cartier Ronde LC18K White Gold
WR000651Cartier Ronde LC18K Rose Gold
W6700155Cartier Ronde SoloStainless Steel
W6700255Cartier Ronde SoloStainless Steel
W20071Y1Cartier Santos 10018K Yellow Gold
W200728GCartier Santos 100Stainless Steel
w20072x7Cartier Santos 100Stainless Steel and 18K Yellow Gold
W200737GCartier Santos 100Stainless Steel
W20073x8Cartier Santos 100Stainless Steel
W20090X8Cartier Santos 100Stainless Steel
W20091X7Cartier Santos 100Stainless Steel and 18K Yellow Gold
W20095Y1Cartier Santos 10018K Rose Gold
W20106X8Cartier Santos 100Stainless Steel
W20107X7Cartier Santos 100Stainless Steel and 18K Rose Gold
W20107X7-Cartier Santos 100Stainless Steel and 18K Rose Gold
W20108Y1Cartier Santos 10018K Rose Gold
W20112Y1Cartier Santos 10018K Yellow Gold
W20121U2Cartier Santos 100Stainless Steel
W20122U2Cartier Santos 100Stainless Steel
W20124U2Cartier Santos 10018K Rose Gold
W20126X8Cartier Santos 100Stainless Steel
W20131Y1Cartier Santos 10018K Rose Gold
W20133X8Cartier Santos 100Stainless Steel
W20134X8Cartier Santos 100Stainless Steel
WM501751Cartier Santos 10018K White Gold
WM502051Cartier Santos 10018K Yellow Gold
WM502151Cartier Santos 10018K Rose Gold
WM503251Cartier Santos 10018K White Gold
M50450MCartier Santos 10018K Rose Gold
WM50460MCartier Santos 10018K White Gold
W25062X9Cartier Santos Demoiselle18K Yellow Gold
W25063X9Cartier Santos Demoiselle18K Yellow Gold
W25073X9Cartier Santos Demoiselle18K Rose Gold
W25077X9Cartier Santos Demoiselle18K Pink Gold
WF9001Y7Cartier Santos Demoiselle18K Yellow Gold
WF9002Y7Cartier Santos Demoiselle18K Yellow Gold
WF9003Y8Cartier Santos Demoiselle18K White Gold
WF9005Y8Cartier Santos Demoiselle18K White Gold
WF9006Y7Cartier Santos Demoiselle18K Yellow Gold
WF9007Z8Cartier Santos Demoiselle18K Rose Gold
WF9008Z8Cartier Santos Demoiselle18K Rose Gold
WF9011Z8Cartier Santos Demoiselle18K Rose Gold
W20132X8Cartier Santos DemoiselleStainless Steel
W25064Z5Cartier Santos DemoiselleStainless Steel
W25065z5Cartier Santos DemoiselleStainless Steel
W25075z5Cartier Santos DemoiselleStainless Steel
W25066z6Cartier Santos DemoiselleStainless Steel and 18K Yellow Gold
W25067Z6Cartier Santos DemoiselleSteel & Gold
W2006951Cartier Santos Dumont18K Rose Gold
W2007051Cartier Santos Dumont18K White Gold
W2008751Cartier Santos Dumont18K Yellow Gold
W2009251Cartier Santos Dumont18K Rose Gold
W2009351Cartier Santos Dumont18K Yellow Gold
W2009451Cartier Santos Dumont18K White Gold
WH100251Cartier Santos Dumont18K White Gold
WH100351Cartier Santos Dumont18K Rose Gold
wh100451Cartier Santos Dumont18K Yellow Gold
WH100551Cartier Santos Dumont18K Yellow Gold
wh100651Cartier Santos Dumont18K White Gold
WH100751Cartier Santos Dumont18K Rose Gold
W20056D6Cartier SantosStainless Steel
W20060D6Cartier SantosStainless Steel
W20098D6Cartier SantosStainless Steel
W20011C4Cartier SantosStainless Steel 18K Yellow Gold
W20012C4Cartier SantosStainless Steel 18K Yellow Gold
W20099C4Cartier SantosStainless Steel 18K Yellow Gold
W2601556Cartier Tank American18K Yellow Gold
W26015K2Cartier Tank American18K Yellow Gold
W2601956Cartier Tank American18K White Gold
W26019L1Cartier Tank American18K White Gold
W2603156Cartier Tank American18K Yellow Gold
W2603256Cartier Tank American18K White Gold
W2603556Cartier Tank American18K Yellow Gold
W2603656Cartier Tank American18K White Gold
W2607456Cartier Tank American18K Rose Gold
W2609156Cartier Tank American18K Rose Gold
W2609256Cartier Tank American18K Yellow Gold
W2609356Cartier Tank American18K Rose Gold
W2609456Cartier Tank American18K White Gold
W2609756Cartier Tank American18K Yellow Gold
W2609856Cartier Tank American18K Rose Gold
W2609956Cartier Tank American18K White Gold
WB707931Cartier Tank American18K Rose Gold
WB7079M5Cartier Tank American18K Rose Gold
W6300655Cartier Tank DivanStainless Steel
W6300755Cartier Tank DivanStainless Steel
W50002N2Cartier Tank Francaise18K Yellow Gold
W50012S3Cartier Tank Francaise18K White Gold
WE104531Cartier Tank Francaise18K Rose Gold
WE10456HCartier Tank Francaise18K Rose Gold
W51002Q3Cartier Tank FrancaiseStainless Steel
W51008Q3Cartier Tank FrancaiseStainless Steel
W51011Q3Cartier Tank FrancaiseStainless Steel
W51028q3Cartier Tank FrancaiseStainless Steel
W51034Q3Cartier Tank FrancaiseStainless Steel
W51005Q4Cartier Tank FrancaiseStainless Steel 18K Yellow Gold
W51007q4Cartier Tank FrancaiseStainless Steel 18K Yellow Gold
W51012q4Cartier Tank FrancaiseStainless Steel 18K Yellow Gold
W51027Q4Cartier Tank FrancaiseStainless Steel 18K Yellow Gold
W1529756Cartier Tank Louis Cartier18K Yellow Gold
W1529856Cartier Tank Louis Cartier18K Yellow Gold
W1540956Cartier Tank Louis Cartier18K White Gold
W1541056Cartier Tank Louis Cartier18K White Gold
W1018255Cartier Tank SoloStainless Steel
W1018355Cartier Tank SoloStainless Steel
w1019455Cartier Tank SoloStainless Steel
w1019555Cartier Tank SoloStainless Steel
W1018755Cartier Tank SoloSteel & Gold
W1018855Cartier Tank SoloSteel & Gold
WE70039HCartier Tankissime18K White Gold
WE70047HCartier Tankissime18K Yellow Gold
WE70058HCartier Tankissime18K Rose Gold
W650029HCartier Tankissime18K White Gold
W650037HCartier Tankissime18K Yellow Gold
W650048HCartier Tankissime18K Rose Gold
W650059HCartier Tankissime18K White Gold
W650067HCartier Tankissime18K Yellow Gold
W1555451Cartier Tonneau18K White Gold
W1555551Cartier Tonneau18K Rose Gold
WE400131Cartier Tonneau18K White Gold
WE400251Cartier Tonneau18K White Gold
WE400331Cartier Tonneau18K Rose Gold
WE400451Cartier Tonneau18K Rose Gold
WE400731Cartier Tonneau18K White Gold
WE400831Cartier Tonneau18K White Gold
W1553551Cartier Tortue18K Rose Gold
W1553651Cartier Tortue18K White Gold
WA507031Cartier Tortue18K Rose Gold
WA50703ICartier Tortue18K Rose Gold
WA507231Cartier Tortue18K White Gold
WA5072W9Cartier Tortue18K White Gold



A Cartier watch is finished to the highest standards. Every part of the timepiece is meticulously handcrafted, and it exudes quality in every sense of the word. Any sign of inferior construction, such as unfinished surfaces or misaligned texts, are tell-tale signs that the watch is a counterfeit.

For more information, check out our guide on How to Spot a Fake Cartier Watch. We always advise clients to only go to an authorized Cartier dealer for authentication.


Cartier watches are available in a wide range of prices and styles. The price of a Cartier watch all depends on the model you’ve chosen, the movement and complications, and the degree of decoration. For pre-owned Cartier watches in particular, its condition also determines the price of a Cartier watch.


Cartier watches hold their value quite well. However, it is not recommended to buy watches for the sole purpose of profit, because one cannot guarantee that a watch’s value will appreciate.


Cartier recommends a service every 5 years to keep the watch working as intended. This should also be done in conjunction with storing and handling the watch with care to prevent damage.

The wearer should also check for signs that the timepiece needs a service sooner rather than later. Check out our guide for Signs It’s Time for Watch Maintenance.


Fine timepieces like Cartier require routine maintenance and repair. At SwissWatchExpo, we have a state-of-the-art service center, where we offer a full range of services, from basic maintenance to major repairs and restorations. Watches sent to us are handled by expert watchmakers from start to finish. Learn more about our stringent Repair Services.


SwissWatchExpo provides repair estimates free of charge. The cost of the repair or maintenance service depend on the model of the watch and its current state. When you send in your timepiece, it will be examined by our master watchmakers, who will prepare an estimate of the work to be done. Only when you approve the estimate will the repair or maintenance process commence.


Cartier watches are iconic for their timeless and elegant designs that transcend changes in fashion, and for the stunning variety of styles that can be had at different price points. Whether you are looking for a Cartier design that has been discontinued, or seeking to own one of their contemporary watches, the pre-owned market presents several advantages.

One benefit of buying pre-owned is the increased selection. It widens your choices because you aren’t limited to the current collections offered at authorized dealers. You can choose from all collections, limited or exclusive, vintage and new. The choices are virtually endless and it makes shopping for the perfect Cartier piece that much easier.

You can also enjoy a significant price discount while still owning an elite and valuable piece. As soon as a new watch is taken out of the store, the price drops significantly. While this may not always be the case, as some vintage models appreciate over the years, the general rule is that a pre-owned Cartier watch will be less expensive than a brand-new piece.

Moreover, just because a piece is brand new, does not mean you can’t find it pre-owned. Many people will purchase a new watch and choose to sell it shortly after for several reasons. In fact, there are pre-owned watches being sold that have been kept in their box completely unworn.

Lastly, pre-owned watches can be bought in mint and excellent condition. At SwissWatchExpo, we strive to deliver our watches in “like new” condition where possible. Every watch that we have listed on the website is inspected, and restored if needed, by our master watchmakers, making an elegant timepiece that you will be proud to wear on your wrist. These restorations are standard in the industry and may even increase the value of the timepiece.

Our guiding conviction is that buying luxury watches pre-owned, lets the customer enjoy the maximum value possible. Get in touch with us – our sales experts will help you find the best Cartier watch for your needs, taste, budget and occasion.